What items should I refine in ff8?

What items should I refine in ff8?

Refining Items

  • T Mag-RF (Creates Lightning- and Wind Magic) : Quetzacotl.
  • I Mag-RF (Creates Water- and Ice Magic) : Shiva.
  • Mag-RF (Creates Fire Magic) : Ifrit.
  • L Mag-RF (Creates Recovery Magic) : Siren.
  • ST Mag-RF (Creates Status- and Effect Magic) : Diablos.
  • Supt Mag-RF (Creates Support Magic) : Leviathan.

How do you refine the Ultima in ff8?

Aside from this, using the Guardian Force Bahamut’s ability Forbid Mag-RF, Ultima can be refined from Ultima Stones, 100 of which drop from Ultima Weapon (as long as the player doesn’t mug its Three Stars item instead). It can also be refined from Pulse Ammo and Dark Matter.

How do I get Rosetta Stone in FF8?

Final Fantasy VIII The one who charges 200 gil has a chance of giving out a Rosetta Stone. One can be obtained by repeatedly accessing Cheryl’s Shop in Esthar City; the shop is closed, but eventually gives out a Rosetta Stone if the player attempts to access the shop.

What do I do with dark matter ff8?

Final Fantasy VIII The Dark Matter can teach Quistis the Blue Magic spell Shockwave Pulsar. It is a tool that Siren can refine from 100 Curse Spikes (the best method to farming them is from Tri-Faces) as long as she is level 100 (original PS version; any level is fine for PC and Remastered).

What is a refine ability in ff8?

Example of a Refine ability. Refine is a set of commands in Final Fantasy VIII that involve making a certain amount of items or magic to make other, oftentimes more useful, items and magic. There are several types of refine commands learned from Guardian Forces.

What is Recov med-RF in Final Fantasy VII?

Recov Med-RF: 1x Mesmerize Blade. Recov Med-RF: 1x Healing Ring. For feedback or questions, e-mail IGNguides at: [email protected] . Was this guide helpful? The RPG master craftsmen at Square roar back after the success of Final Fantasy VII with this, an even more breathtaking, expansive and emotional adventure.

What are refine commands used for?

There are several types of refine commands learned from Guardian Forces. If the player removes a refine ability from a GF via Amnesia Greens the player is no longer able to use that ability, nor have any means of restoring it. Used to create ammunition for Irvine’s Limit Break, Shot.