What is Wowzers?

What is Wowzers?

Wowzers uses a “whole child” approach to online learning that is grounded in brain-based research. “Wowzers is the first program that my kids cheer for. When it’s a Wowzers Day in class, it’s a good day!”

How does the Wowzers online math curriculum work?

The Wowzers online math curriculum adapts to each individual, creating a customized curriculum that focuses on what the student has yet to learn. Offline and online math activities are combined to create a complete curriculum that uses technology and hands-on learning.

What is a Wowzers day in class?

When it’s a Wowzers Day in class, it’s a good day!” “Wowzers stays with you until you actually learn it very well, then it will let you move on.” Wowzers students report a 26% increase over average in their yearly growth scores for math!

How do I make a reservation with Wowzers?

The spokesperson of Wowzers further commented, “We encourage that customers make reservations online when they need any of our services. All they need to do is to go to our website and select their artist, confirm the pricing, and give us the details of their events.