What is the verb of intense?

What is the verb of intense?

intensify. (transitive) To render more intense. (intransitive) To become intense, or more intense; to act with increasing power or energy.

What’s a word for deep meaning?

profound Add to list Share. When you need a word that’s deeper than “deep,” consider profound. A philosopher is likely to make many profound pronouncements. Profundus literally means “deep” in Latin, and profound had the same meaning when it entered English in the 14th century.

How do you agree with a statement without using I?

The position you take regarding the subject in your thesis would communicate to your readers if you agree or disagree. If the author is specifically mentioned in the prompt, you could say “[Author]’s argument is (not) valid because [reasons]” or “[Evidence], which supports/invalidates [author]’s argument.

What is the meaning of dip?

Dip means to plunge something quickly in a liquid or to sink or go downward. A dip is a creamy mixture that chips or other foods are scooped into. Dip has many other senses as a verb and a noun. When something is dipped into a liquid, it is usually only submerged for a short time to soak up some liquid.

What is something very deep?

noun. the fact that something is very deep or very long from front to back.

What is another way of saying I agree?

I agree. Absolutely! You’re absolutely right. Exactly!

What is another name for deep?

What is another word for deep?

cavernous chasmic
unlimited immensurable
buried subterranean
impenetrable incomprehensible
inestimable thorough

How do you describe intense?

adjective. existing or occurring in a high or extreme degree: intense heat. acute, strong, or vehement, as sensations, feelings, or emotions: intense anger. of an extreme kind; very great, as in strength, keenness, severity, or the like: an intense gale.

Is immeasurable a word?

adjective. incapable of being measured; limitless: the immeasurable vastness of the universe.

What’s another word for severely?

Synonyms & Antonyms of severely

  • brutally,
  • hard,
  • hardly,
  • harshly,
  • ill,
  • oppressively,
  • roughly,
  • sternly,

How do you use intense in a sentence?

Intense sentence example

  1. The intense sensation startled her.
  2. Brandon’s feelings about the event were intense , even after all those years.
  3. The topaz gaze was intense as he sipped the hot liquid.
  4. Several portals glowed, and one grew more intense as she thought hard.
  5. Jackson felt an intense wave of emotion.

What is another word for understanding?

The words appreciate and comprehend are common synonyms of understand. While all three words mean “to have a clear or complete idea of,” understand and comprehend are very often interchangeable, with understand sometimes stressing the fact of having attained a firm mental grasp of something.

What do u call someone who worries a lot?

Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is a mental illness. It belongs to a group of illnesses called anxiety disorders. People living with GAD worry much more than other people, and they worry more often than other people.

What makes someone deep?

They may be deeply empathic or sensitive to their environments. They often “know” what others are thinking. They can sense discomfort or criticism even when it’s not voiced. They highly value respect and can quickly sense when someone is pandering to them.

What do you say when you agree with a statement?

Expressing agreement

  1. I agree with you 100 percent.
  2. I couldn’t agree with you more.
  3. That’s so true.
  4. That’s for sure.
  5. (slang) Tell me about it!
  6. You’re absolutely right.
  7. Absolutely.
  8. That’s exactly how I feel.

What is another word for intense?

What is another word for intense?

fierce acute
extreme great
severe deep
profound harsh
powerful concentrated

How can you tell if someone is deep?

10 Traits Of A Deep Thinker

  1. Introverted. Invariably, many deep thinkers are reserved, quiet and introverted.
  2. Observant. Deep thinkers take in more than they put out, meaning, they say less, and observe more.
  3. Humorous.
  4. Voracious Readers.
  5. Forgetful.
  6. Curious.
  7. Planners.
  8. Problem Solvers.

How do you describe someone who is a deep thinker?

Ah the deep thinker. The person who’s lost in their thoughts and overly anxious but they’ll see future problems before anyone else. They reflect constantly, and only speak when they have something meaningful to say. If you think this sounds like you, you might identify with these 15 signs.

What word means severe intense?

agonizing. adjectivedifficult and painful, suffering. disturbing. excruciating. extreme.

Whats the opposite of intense?

Antonyms: apathetic, calm, careless, cold, cool, dispassionate, frigid, heedless, indifferent, negligent, phlegmatic, purposeless, regardless, stolid, stony, stupid, unconcerned, uninterested, unmindful, unmoved.