What is the standard treatment for Stage 1 breast cancer?

What is the standard treatment for Stage 1 breast cancer?

Treatments. Surgery is standard treatment for this stage. Since the tumor is small, you may have a lumpectomy — just the tumor and some of the tissue around it are removed. Some women get a mastectomy, in which the whole breast is removed.

Is chemo needed for stage 1 breast cancer?

Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is not usually offered for stage 1 breast tumours. It may be offered after surgery (called adjuvant therapy) for these tumours if there is a high risk that the cancer will come back (recur). Find out more about the risk of breast cancer recurrence and adjuvant therapy.

How long does it take to treat Stage 1 breast cancer?

If you’re lucky and catch your condition early on, then your breast cancer treatment will generally last between three and six months. This assumes there is no further growth while you are undergoing treatment. In more advanced cases, you should typically expect a minimum of six months of treatment.

Is radiation needed for stage 1 breast cancer?

Full Radiation Dose May Not Be Necessary for Some Early-Stage Breast Cancers. In most cases, the standard treatment for early-stage breast cancer is lumpectomy to remove the cancer followed by about 6 weeks of radiation therapy (5 days a week) to destroy any cancer cells that may have been left behind.

Can You Feel Stage 1 breast cancer?

This breast cancer is the earliest stage of invasive breast cancer. In stage 1, the tumor measures up to 2 cm and no lymph nodes are involved. At this stage, the cancer cells have spread beyond the original location and into the surrounding breast tissue. Because a stage 1 tumor is small, it may be difficult to detect.

How many hours is a lumpectomy surgery?

Lumpectomy surgery is usually an outpatient surgery (patients go home the same day). The procedure itself usually takes about one hour to complete.

What is the best treatment for Stage 1 breast cancer?

Other considerations. Your doctor and healthcare team will consider many different factors before deciding on the best type of treatment for your stage 1 breast cancer.

  • About tumor grading. Tumor grading gives an indication of how fast the cancer cells are likely to grow and spread beyond the breast.
  • About breast cancer receptors.
  • The bottom line.
  • What is the first step in treating breast cancer?

    – If the cancer cells contain hormone receptors. – If the cancer cells have large amounts of the HER2 protein (that is, if the cancer is HER2-positive) – How fast the cancer is growing (measured by grade or Ki-67) – Your overall health – If you have gone through menopause or not

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    discusses the quickly evolving treatment paradigm for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer. Efforts are being made to provide the most beneficial options for those with either early-stage or metastatic disease, according to Kimmick. Because new

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    your age

  • your general health
  • hormone receptors and HER2 receptors on cells with cancer
  • the types of tissue that the cancer has affected