What is the Grand Chase guide?

What is the Grand Chase guide?

This guide is an introductory look into the major systems and features of Grand Chase. This guide is intended to be used by players without a working knowledge of Grand Chase and is intended to help newbies or returning players better familiarize themselves with the game. This item has been added to your Favorites.

What happened to Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser?

As of April 15, the game ceased development and terminated its service worldwide, with North America being the last foreign server to close in 2015. The mobile sequel Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser was launched in January 2018. 6 years after the closure, the game’s return, now known as GrandChase Classic, has been announced in 2021 on Steam.

What is the spiritual successor to Grand Chase?

ELSWORD, another game developed by KOG, was regarded as the spiritual successor to Grand Chase, having subtle references within the story, such as using Elesis as a new character in the game.

When was Grand Chase created?

Grand Chase was created using the 2003 game engine, Gamebryo system. The official Korean server is released. This marks the beginning of Grand Chase. Elesis’ 2nd job, Spearman, is released on the Korean server. Lire’s 2nd job, Crossbowman, is released on the Korean server.

What are the rates for Grand Chase Season 2 private servers?

1st and only english Grand Chase season 2 private server Rates:exp x50 GP x100All 9 characters, 4th job for 7 characters and many more large player base, players (pvpers) from NAGC/KGC/BRGC/sea [XP Rate: 10000x] [Drop Rate: 10000x] [GP: 10000x] [FREE CASH ITEMS] [ALL Characters are fully playable] [4th Jobs] [JOIN NOW] GM for first 10

Which is the best Grand Chase server to join?

TOP Grand Chase Server List 1 IPU Grand Chase Season 2 2 Grand Chase – Reloaded 3 GrandChase Extreme 4 GranDchase Site 5 Grand Chase Private Server 6 Grand Chase Xtreme High Rate Server

What are stats in Grand Chase?

In Grand Chase, Stats are the basic attributes given to players by their equipment. They are Attack, Defense, and Vitality. Attack raises your offensive capabilities, Defense cuts down on the damage you receive by enemy attacks, and Vitality is your health.