What is the full title of Romeo and Juliet?

What is the full title of Romeo and Juliet?

By William Shakespeare Yep: the full title of the 1599 version of the play reads The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. We happen to think “excellent and lamentable” is a pretty accurate description of the play.

What is a good thesis statement for Romeo and Juliet?

A thesis statement exploring this hatred might be: “In the play Romeo and Juliet, it is Tybalt’s hatred of Romeo that is the cause of all the death.” To support this, you would need to track the events that occur from Act III, scene i (the scene in which the first deaths occur), and show how it is Tybalt’s hatred that …

What themes are in Romeo and Juliet?

Themes in “Romeo and Juliet”Theme #1. The Abiding Quality of Romantic Love.Theme #2. Individual vs. Society. Theme #3. Violence. Theme #4. The Overarching Power of Patriarchy. Theme #5. The Theme of Death.Theme #6. The Inevitability of Fate. Theme #7. Marriage.Theme #8. Ideological Divide Between the Young and the Old.