What is the best topic for position paper?

What is the best topic for position paper?

Position Paper Topics About the WorkplaceSubmitting electronic or paper resumes.Racial and gender discrimination in the workforce.Sexual harassment.Insurance and birth control.Use of torture during war.Government surveillance.Border security.Punishment for sex offenders.

What is a position on a topic?

A position statement lets people know where you stand on a topic or debate.

What is position paper in academic writing?

A Position Paper is a common type of academic argument writing assignment. Typically, a Position Paper is written after reading about and discussing a particular issue. Quite often, the readings cover more than one issue, and as a writer you must choose a particular area of focus.

What is the goal of position paper?

The purpose of a position paper is to generate support on an issue. It describes a position on an issue and the rational for that position. The position paper is based on facts that provide a solid foundation for your argument.

What is the writer’s position on an issue?

Claim- Writer’s position on an issue or problem. State your argument. The claim may appear in the introduction or the conclusion. Support- Any material that helps the writer to prove his/her claim.

How do you write a position essay?

Create an OutlineIntroduce your topic with some basic background information. Introduce possible objections to your position. Support and acknowledge the opposing points. Explain that your position is still the best one, despite the strength of counter-arguments. Summarize your argument and restate your position.