What is the best Phil Collins song?

What is the best Phil Collins song?

Phil Collins recorded eight studio albums that have over 183 million global units sold. He is only one of three musicians, with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, to sell at least 100 million records in a band and as a solo musician. His best songs include “In the Air Tonight” and “One More Night.”

What is the story behind the Phil Collins song?

“In The Air Tonight” from Phil Collin’s 1981 solo debut Face Value was inspired by his feelings of anger after his divorce with first wife, Andrea Bertorelli in 1980. This caused him to leave Genesis for a brief amount of time, and what became of the album was initially intended as messages for his ex-wife to win her back.

What songs does Phil Collins sing?

Phil Collins, “Dance Into the Light” “Sussudio” Arguably one of Collins’ most well-known songs, “Sussudio” is the first track off his third solo album, No Jacket Required.Both the single and the album reached No. 1 on their respective Billboard charts, and to this day, remain staples in his discography.

How many hits did Phil Collins have?

Phil Collins scored three UK and seven US number-one singles in his solo career in the 1980s. His biggest hits include ‘In the Air Tonight’, ‘Against All Odds’, ‘One More Night’, ‘Sussudio’, ‘Two Hearts’ and ‘Another Day in Paradise’. He has sold an estimated 150 million records worldwide. Who is Phil Collins’ wife?

What are the lyrics to Phil Collins?

They steeled themselves for the appearance of gaunt lead singer Phil Collins, unable to walk without who helped fill out the sound of the lyrics. As he brought the core band members in close

Who sings the song Easy Lover?

Easy Lover. ” Easy Lover ” is a song performed by Philip Bailey, of Earth, Wind & Fire, and Phil Collins, of Genesis, and jointly written and composed by Bailey, Collins, and Nathan East. The song appeared on Bailey’s solo album, Chinese Wall. Collins has performed the song in his live concerts, and it appears on both his 1990 album, Serious