What is score verification for FTCE?

What is score verification for FTCE?

What is a score verification session? Score verification sessions allow examinees who did not pass a test the opportunity to review written performance responses and/or multiple-choice items answered incorrectly and to submit scoring challenges.

How many questions are in the general knowledge test?


What is the GK question?

Now you can practice with very useful basic general knowledge questions and answers for SSC Exams, Rajasthan Police, and many other Competitive Exams….General Awareness GK Questions.General Awareness GK QuestionsMedieval Indian History QuestionsIndian History QuestionsIndian Art and Culture GK questions8

How many questions can you miss on the combination test?

Since the practice test closely resembles the official test, it is essential that you pay close attention to each of the 20 questions….CA CDL Combination Vehicles Practice Test.How many questions:20How many correct answers to pass:16Passing score:80%

Can you cheat on CDL test?

Applicants get a different set of questions every time they take the exam. This is to counter any potential cheating; if you get a different test every time it’s going to be harder to cheat.” Prior also notes that cheating is not restricted to the written exam. CDL cheating is not only a state problem.

What is an average scaled score?

10 points

What does a scaled score of 70 mean?

A scaled score is a raw score that has been adjusted and converted to a standardized scale. If your raw score is 80 (because you got 80 out of 100 questions correct), that score is adjusted and converted into a scaled score.