What is njsyfl?

What is njsyfl?

The NJ Suburban Youth Football League (NJSYFL) was founded on December 8th, 1972 in Scotch Plains, NJ. The league was formed in an effort to provide additional opportunities for boys to participate in contact football sport that may have been excluded from other programs due to weight and age restrictions in existing programs.

How many boys and girls participate in the youth football program?

Since its inception, the program has grown and matured significantly and now affords more than 4500 boys and girls an opportunity to to participate in youth football and cheerleading programs each season.

Can a person hold more than one elective public office in NJ?

For elective public office other than as provided in R.S.19:3-5 or N.J.S.40A:9-4, a person elected to public office in this State shall not hold simultaneously any other elective public office. b.