What is MPhil in Development Studies?

What is MPhil in Development Studies?

Phil Programme is a 2 to 3 year degree programme requiring completion of 30 credit hours. Credit Hours and Courses: All courses are 3 credit hours. The M. A four year Bachelors degree/two years Masters degree with a CGPA of 3.0 is a pre-requisite for regular admission to the M. Phil in Development Studies programme.

What can I become if I study Development Studies?

What are My Development Studies Career Outcomes?

  • Development Planners.
  • Development Consultants.
  • Development Projects/Programmes Officers/Managers.
  • Development Planning Officers/Managers.
  • Socio-economic and Marketing Researchers.
  • Social and Environmental Impact Analysts.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists.

What is MA in development studies?

What is MA in development studies? MA in Development Studies is a postgraduation program that is designed to help students gain a deep understanding of Sociology, Political Science, and other allied subjects like Economics and Geography.

Is it hard to get into Cambridge MPhil?

Going to Cambridge is incredibly difficult, getting in is also difficult, but you have to think about what happens once you are there. If you already don’t have good grades then you might not be able to hack it.

Which Cambridge college is most competitive?

Trinity College
The Most Popular Cambridge Colleges In 2020, Trinity College was the most popular college for hopeful applicants, closely followed by Jesus College and St. John’s College.

What is Master in development studies?

Master Programme in Development Studies The Master of Science in Development Studies is an interdisciplinary social science Master’s programme focusing on problems of poverty and human development.

What jobs can you get with a masters in development studies?

Completing a degree in development studies can lead to many exciting jobs working to address global challenges. These can include international aid worker, journalist, diplomat, non-profit fundraiser, research academic, environmental campaigner, civil servant and jobs in public policy.

What is an MPhil in Development Studies?

The MPhil in Development Studies is a one year, full-time highly inter-disciplinary course which gives its students a firm grounding in political economics relevant to the developing world, including the study of sociology, law, political science, management, economics and anthropology.

What are the different types of MPhils at Cambridge?

There are two types of MPhil on offer at Cambridge: the MPhil by Advanced Study, which includes a taught element, and the MPhil by Thesis, which is a research-only programme leading to a thesis. The MPhil in Advanced Study varies in length between nine and 12 months, and the MPhil by Research is a year-long programme.

What is a PhD at centre of Development Studies?

PhD students delve into research methods, fieldwork, and supplementary courses and modules offered by the University. Discover and join the growing community of the Alumni of the Centre of Development Studies.

How do I continue to the PhD in Development Studies?

Several students annually continue to the PhD in Development Studies. For continuation onto the PhD, candidates will have achieved an average of 70 (High Pass) for their overall mark in the MPhil course. They will also need an acceptable PhD proposal, with a relevant academic supervisor available.