What is Izzy Dizzy?

What is Izzy Dizzy?

The Izzy Dizzy band is a 4-piece band based on the island of Rhodes in Greece. Wanting to play more old school tunes instead of chart hits and generally more music that they enjoyed and chose themselves, the band was a natural progression for all the members.

How do you play dizzy bat for kids?

First person up runs to the bat, puts one end on the ground and the other end on their head, then spins around the bat a few times (3-5, depending on age*), then runs back to their team. Next person goes. Set activity leaders up for success.

How do you play Louisville chugger?

Dizzy bat (also known as Louisville chugger, D-bat, and The Spins) is a drinking game in which the participant chugs a full beer out of the holding end of a Wiffle ball bat. While the person is chugging, the surrounding participants count off in seconds how long it takes for the person to finish the full beer.

How do you play drunk waiter?

Drunk Waiter To start, spin around, holding something above your head, and don’t stop until you’ve counted to 10—just to ensure that your equilibrium is fully out of whack. Then, immediately grab a tray of drinks and run to the finish line. The goal is to avoid collapsing into a dizzy heap or spilling the entire tray.

What is bite the bag?

Objective: To be the last person to “bite” and pick up the bag with their teeth. Rules: Participants’ feet must remain on the ground and they can only contact the bag with their teeth. Put a new paper bag, fully opened, on the floor in the center of the group circle. The last person to “bite the bag” wins.

How tall are Beersbee sticks?

Making the Poles. Purchase two 10 ft (3.0 m) lengths of 1.5–2 in (3.8–5.1 cm) PVC pipe. Find the PVC pipe in the plumbing section of a home improvement center. A diameter of 1.5–2 in (3.8–5.1 cm) is ideal so that the poles can be easily hammered into the ground as well as support a bottle or can.

How do you play the bag game?

Place an empty paper bag on the floor. Standing on one foot, each player must take a turn to retrieve the bag using only their mouth. Once the bag is successfully retrieved, that player tears off the piece of the bag that their mouth touched. In this way, the bag slowly gets lower and lower to the ground.