What happened to Anthony from Project Runway Season 7?

What happened to Anthony from Project Runway Season 7?

He currently resides in Atlanta and is working as a freelance fashion designer.

Why did Mia leave Project Runway?

Soon after, Maya competed in the Emmy award winning design challenge series, Project Runway on Lifetime Television. Nearly making it to the finals, she made the bold decision to leave the show, to hone her skills as a designer, away from the camera’s watchful eye.

What happened to Emilio Sosa from Project Runway?

Emilio Sosa now sits as the Chair for the Board of Trustees for the American Theatre Wing.

Who has cheated on Project Runway?

In season 3, contestant Keith Michael was disqualified after pattern-making books were discovered in the apartment. But that wasn’t the only cheating scandal for the show. According to EW.com, in season 16, designer Claire Buitendrop was eliminated after confessing she kept a tape measure in her room.

Is Seth Aaron still designing?

Seth Aaron Henderson (born July 11, 1971) is an American designer and reality television personality. He was the winner of the seventh season of Project Runway along with his model, Kristina Sajko….

Seth Aaron Henderson
Occupation Fashion designer
Television Project Runway Season 7 (Winner)
Spouse(s) Tina

Who are the past winners of Project Runway?

The 18 winners of the regular series are Jay McCarroll, Chloe Dao, Jeffrey Sebelia, Christian Siriano, Leanne Marshall, Irina Shabayeva, Seth Aaron Henderson, Gretchen Jones, Anya Ayoung-Chee, Dmitry Sholokhov, Michelle Lesniak, Dom Streater, Sean Kelly, Ashley Nell Tipton, Erin Robertson, Kentaro Kameyama, Sebastian Grey, and Geoffrey Mac.

Who won on Project Runway last night?

Project Runway’s Geoffrey Mac is announced the Winner. Pic credit: Bravo Geoffrey Mac won Bravo’s Project Runway on last night’s season finale. Even though our prediction was wrong, and Nancy wasn’t the winner, we’re truly happy for Geoffrey.

Who left Project Runway last night?

Project Runway contestant Tyler Neasloney was eliminated on the fourth episode of the show on Thursday night after making an awkward comment about host Karlie Kloss’ in-laws, the Kushner family

What happened on Project Runway last night?

You won Project Runway 3, despite allegations of cheating launched at you by pregnant nemesis Laura, making a fellow contestant’s mother cry, and a general air of self-entitlement spurred on by a mixture of cockiness, success, and a variety of neck tattoos.