What font should I use when writing a book?

What font should I use when writing a book?

The general consensus is that serif fonts tend to be easier to read on paper. Fonts that don’t have serifs (sans serif) are more commonly used on websites, where they are considered the more reader-friendly alternative. Take a look at any newspaper, book or most magazines, and you’ll see they use Serif fonts.

What font size is Harry Potter?

12 point

Is Muggle copyrighted?

The term “muggle” is trademarked. As we all know, it belongs to the Harry Potter universe describing someone who isn’t a wizard or witch. In geocaching, it refers to someone not aware of geocaching. For commercial purposes, this word can’t be legally used.

Can I sell Harry Potter merchandise?

Can You Legally Make and Sell Harry Potter Related Products? No, absolutely not. Everything Harry Potter is well protected with multiple trademarks that are owned by Warner Brothers Entertainment. Everything from the names of the books and movies, to house names, and the term ‘Muggle’ are trademarked.

Who has the rights to Harry Potter?

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Can you sell Harry Potter fanart?

For example, JK Rowling accepts and encourages fan art of her Harry Potter series made by genuine fans which is not sold and so long as the creator makes it clear that Rowling is unaffiliated. However, if it falls outside the bounds of propriety, she objects to its creation and promulgation.