What does extreme hardship mean?

What does extreme hardship mean?

Extreme hardship has been defined to mean hardship that is greater than what your relative would experience under normal circumstances if you were not allowed to come to or stay in the United States.

How do you prove financial hardship?

Basic Documentation RequirementsPay stubs or a W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.Income tax returns for the past one-to-three years.Property tax bills.Checking and savings account statements for the past three-to-six months.

What happens if waiver is denied?

If your request for a provisional waiver is rejected, but you want to move forward with the immigrant visa application process, you may depart the United States and have your immigrant visa interview at a U.S. consulate or embassy in your home nation. You may then request a waiver of inadmissibility with Form I-601.

What is I 160 waiver?

A foreign national that is inadmissible for certain grounds of inadmissibility may seek a I-160 inadmissibility waiver in order to enter the U.S. There are many reasons why a foreign national is inadmissible making him/her not eligible for an immigrant, non-immigrant visas or to adjust status to lawful permanent …