Is Young Guns historically accurate?

Is Young Guns historically accurate?

The film is a retelling of the adventures of Billy the Kid during the Lincoln County War, which took place in New Mexico during 1877–78. Historian Paul Hutton called Young Guns the most historically accurate of all Billy the Kid films as of June 1990.

Who played Chisholm in Young Guns 2?

As they make a run for the border along with farmer Hendry William French (Alan Ruck) and 14-year-old Tom O’Folliard (Balthazar Getty), cattle baron John Simpson Chisum (James Coburn) and Governor Wallace approach Garrett to offer him the job as Lincoln County sheriff and $1000 to use whatever resources he needs to …

Who played Jesse James in Young Guns?

After 15 years of thievery, the legendary outlaws are trying to settle down. This is the last years of the brothers’ lives, revealing Frank (Johnny Cash) as a book-loving and family-oriented man and brother Jesse (Kris Kristofferson) as a money-hungry womanizer.

Who played Doc Holliday in Young Guns?

Kiefer Sutherland
Young Guns (1988) – Kiefer Sutherland as Doc Scurlock – IMDb.

What is the most historically accurate Billy the Kid movie?

One of many depicting the events surrounding the outlaw during his participation in the Lincoln County War, this film, though little known, has routinely been described as the most historically accurate version to date….Billy the Kid (1989 film)

Billy the Kid
Executive producers Robert M. Sertner Frank von Zerneck

Is Billy the Kid real?

Billy the Kid (born Henry McCarty; September 17 or November 23, 1859 – July 14, 1881), also known by the pseudonym William H. Bonney, was an outlaw and gunfighter of the American Old West, who killed eight men before he was shot and killed at the age of 21. Wright, better known as Billy the Kid”.

Was Jane Greathouse real?

Jane Greathouse never existed, but her character in the movie was based on Jim Greathouse, who owned a station house about 50 miles northeast of White Oaks, not a whorehouse in White Oaks. In the movie: The Kid demands Chisum to pay $500 owed to him.

How old is Lou Diamond Phillips?

59 years (February 17, 1962)
Lou Diamond Phillips/Age

How old was Lou Diamond Phillips when he filmed La Bamba?

age 24
Lou Diamond Phillips was age 24 when he played teen-aged Ritchie Valens during filming in 1986. Marshall Crenshaw was age 33 when he played 22-year-old Buddy Holly.

Did Val Kilmer ever play Billy the Kid?

Written by Gore Vidal and directed by William A. Graham, with Val Kilmer starring in the lead role of William Bonney a.k.a. Billy the Kid, and with a supporting cast including Wilford Brimley, John O’Hurley, Duncan Regehr, and Ned Vaughn.

Where is Billy the Kid buried?

Old Fort Sumner Cemetery and Chamber of Commerce, NM
Billy the Kid/Place of burial