Is Tiny Desk a real office?

Is Tiny Desk a real office?

From their headquarters in Washington, D.C., each Tiny Desk concert is filmed behind the desk of Bob Boilen, who first formed the idea for the unconventional music series. By taking musicians away from the stage and shoving them behind an office desk, the Tiny Desk concert series offers a reimagination of “live” music.

What is the most viewed NPR Tiny Desk Concert?

The most popular of all time, by video views? Anderson . Paak and the Free Nationals’ August 2016 set, with 68 million views. (Surprisingly, it wasn’t BTS, who have still notched an impressive 34 million plus.) But as popular as they are with music fans, the shows are also popular with staffers.

Where do they film NPR Tiny Desk?

On Tuesday, NPR released the latest installment in the home edition of its Tiny Desk concert series, starring the teen pop sensation, who filmed the intimate performance inside an empty Department of Motor Vehicles office in Glendale.

Why is it called Tiny Desk?

History. The first Tiny Desk Concert came about in 2008 after Boilen and NPR Music editor Stephen Thompson left South by Southwest frustrated that they couldn’t hear the music over the crowd noise. The name is taken from Boilen’s 1970s psychedelic dance band called Tiny Desk Unit.

Who owns NPR Tiny Desk?

Bob Boilen Bob Boilen is the creator and host of NPR’s All Songs Considered.

Who owns Tiny Desk concert?

Tiny Desk Concerts is a video series of live concerts hosted by NPR Music at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen in Washington, D.C.

Will there be a tiny desk contest in 2021?

The 2021 Tiny Desk Contest is officially closed, and we’re so grateful for all the entries we received this year. Our judges are combing through the amazing videos you sent us to find the next great Tiny Desk performer. While we’re busy with that, you can watch videos from this year’s entrants.

Can you attend Tiny Desk Concerts?

The events of NPR’s Tiny Desk Fest are open only to those age 21+. You and any guest will be required to present a valid ID verifying your age upon entry. To open the Fest to as many people as possible, each purchaser may choose one night to attend and purchase up to two tickets for that event.

Who has been on tiny desk the most?

Performer Anderson . Paak’s appearance on the series is Tiny Desk Concerts’ most popular video with over 72 million views (as of June 2021), surpassing (from February 2021) the previous number 1 viewed video of T-Pain, seen 20.2 million times.