Is there an Ombudsman for education?

Is there an Ombudsman for education?

If you are unhappy with their response and the school is publicly funded, you can raise your complaint with the Department for Education. If the school is privately funded, you can complain to the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

What can the NSW Ombudsman do?

Through complaint handling, review, monitoring, investigation, advice, training and community education, we seek to improve the administration and delivery of public and community services in NSW. The current NSW Ombudsman is Paul Miller.

How do I complain to the NSW Ombudsman?

How do I make a complaint?

  1. Call us free on 1800 451 524.
  2. Fill out an online complaint form.
  3. Write to us at NSW Ombudsman, Level 24, 580 George Street, NSW 2000.

How do I complain about a school to Ofsted?

If you remain unhappy then you should follow the complaints procedure and if necessary involve Ofsted. You can contact them on 0300 123 4666 or by email at [email protected]. You should work out what you want to say before contacting Ofsted.

Who is the current NSW Ombudsman?

Paul Miller
The current NSW Ombudsman is Paul Miller.

What powers does the NSW Ombudsman have?

What does the NSW Ombudsman do? The NSW Ombudsman is an independent watchdog with responsibility for investigating complaints from members of the public about the administrative processes of public sector agencies. We can also initiate inquiries into matters of public interest of our own motion.

What do I do if my child is attacked in school?

Call the police, don’t let the school deal with the issue other than what is their responsibility. But assault is a police matter, not a school matter. Call the police! Hold a meeting with the school administration requesting most strenuously that they take immediate action, or you will call the police.

How do I write a letter of complaint about a school?

  1. Dear I am the parent of (child’s name and class) who attends (name of school).
  2. complaining about).
  3. Include the date/time, people involved, what happened, any witnesses).
  4. in response to your concerns e.g. meetings, actions by the school.
  5. I am not happy with the actions taken because (e.g. not enough done, the problem.

Who is responsible for improving pedestrian safety around schools in NSW?

Although the roles and responsibilities of the authorities vary, school principals must approve any request before the agencies responsible are contacted. The Centre for Road Safety and Roads and Maritime Services have completed a $5 million infrastructure program on local roads to improve pedestrian safety around schools across NSW.

What does the Ombudsman deal with in NSW?

The Ombudsman deals with complaints about: Housing NSW and the Aboriginal Housing Office Aboriginal initiatives under OCHRE such as Language Nests, Opportunity Hubs, Local Decision Making Groups government authorities such as Sydney Buses, Railcorp and Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), and State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO)

Who is responsible for road safety around schools?

Road safety issues around schools are managed by state and local government authorities. Although the roles and responsibilities of the authorities vary, school principals must approve any request before the agencies responsible are contacted.

What is the road safety education program?

Our Road Safety Education Program supports road safety education delivered by classroom teachers and is part of the formal school curriculum. The Safety Town website is an online resource available to more than 2600 primary schools to support the quality teaching of road safety in NSW.