Is the Boulevard M90 a good bike?

Is the Boulevard M90 a good bike?

Suzuki Boulevard M90 Design Two things I hear over and over again when talking about the Boulevard M90 are that it is a beautiful bike, and everyone comments on the power. Style-wise, it’s a smaller-engine version of the M109R, but make no mistake; it’s a power cruiser in its own right.

How fast is the Suzuki Boulevard M90?

lbs) @ 2600 RPM . With this drive-train, the Suzuki Boulevard M90 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of ….

Suzuki Boulevard M90 Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Frame type Steel tube frame with a hidden rear shock absorber
Seat details
Wheelbase 1,690 mm (66.5 inches)
Length 2,390 mm (94.1 inches)

How many cc is a M90 Boulevard?

The Boulevard M90 is a five-speed with shaft final-drive….Suzuki Boulevard M 90.

Make Model Suzuki Boulevard M 90
Capacity 1462 cc / 89.2 cu. in
Bore x Stroke 96 x 101 mm
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Compression Ratio 9.5:1

How much horsepower does a Suzuki Boulevard M90 have?

Suzuki Boulevard M 90

Make Model Suzuki Boulevard M 90
Ignition Electronic
Starting Electric
Max Power 49 kW / 66.6 hp @ 4800 rpm
Max Torque 115 Nm / 11.73 kg-m / 84.8 ft-lb @ 2800 rpm

What is a Suzuki Boulevard M90?

The Suzuki Boulevard M90 is a muscle cruiser with a sleek, yet powerful styling that includes slash-cut mufflers, a hard-tail look, and drag-style bars. Its 90 cubic inch, V-twin engine with precise Suzuki fuel injection punches out tremendous torque and exhilarating…

Does Suzuki still make the M90?

Styled to match the M109R, the Suzuki Boulevard M90 makes an impression of its own. The powerful 1462cc, V-twin, liquid cooled engine is tuned to deliver strong, smooth performance consistently throughout the rpm range….SCAS – Suzuki Clutch Assist System.

Length 2390 mm (94.1 in.)
Fuel Tank 18.0L (4.8 US gal)

How much horsepower does a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90 have?

The 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90, the company hopes, provides the look and feel of the burly M109R power-cruiser without the possible intimidation that may come from a 101 ft-lbs and 106 hp (as tested in our Godzilla Cruisers Shootout) 1,800cc V-Twin like the 109.

What motorcycle company makes the boulevard?

Suzuki Motor Corporation
The Suzuki Boulevard C50 (VL800) is a cruiser motorcycle made by Suzuki Motor Corporation since 2001.

What is the biggest Suzuki Boulevard?

Suzuki Boulevard M109R
The Suzuki Boulevard M109R uses a reduction in the chain drive system for its DOHC valve train. The all-new liquid-cooled M109R engine is Suzuki’s biggest motorcycle engine to date.

How much boost can a M90 make?

Two m90’s will flow around 900hp of air if overdriven enough. So, you should be able to reach your goals without any problem.

What makes the Suzuki Boulevard M90 so special?

Combining classic styling with class-leading torque, a comfortable ride, fuel-efficiency, modern suspension and brakes, the SUZUKI BOULEVARD M90 looks right and feels right, delivering unbeatable value. Styled to match the M109R, the Suzuki Boulevard M90 makes an impression of its own.

What is the difference between a Suzuki Boulevard and a Cali?

Moto Guzzi claims a 701-pound curb weight on the California while Suzuki reports 723 pounds for the Boulevard, even though the 5.4-gallon tank on the Cali is tad bigger than the 4.7-gallon Boulevard tank. In spite of its greater mass, the Boulevard carries less in the way of brakeage.

What is the difference between a Suzuki Cali and Suzuki M90?

The M90 cranks out 96.6 pounds against 87 pounds from the Cali, but cedes some horsepower with only 79 ponies versus 96 from the Cali. I won’t leap into the torque/horsepower debate here, but will simply call these two close enough, and the differences a wash. Suzuki picks up a big win in pricing.

What kind of engine does a Suzuki Boulevard have?

Suzuki powered the Boulevard with its water cooled, 1,462 cc, 54-degree V-twin, just a skosh bigger than the air- and oil-cooled, 1,380 cc, 90-degree V-twin in the California 1400 Custom. Naturally, ’Guzzi mounted the engine in its usual fashion, which is to say sideways in the frame, but that’s typical and I wouldn’t have it any other way.