Is Derrick Rose injured?

Is Derrick Rose injured?

Rose underwent right ankle surgery Wednesday and will be re-evaluated in eight weeks. Rose was already ruled out for his third consecutive game Thursday due to the ankle issue, and he’ll now be sidelined for at least two months after undergoing surgery.

Is Derrick Rose still good?

Derrick Rose is one of the best athletes in the NBA, and he uses that athleticism to score the ball. He is very quick and is arguably the best dunking point guard in the league. An ACL injury can have serious impact long-term, and Rose may never again be the athlete he was.

Is Derrick Rose better than Michael Jordan?

Of course Michael Jordan is better than Derrick Rose. Rose has only been in the league for three seasons now. Jordan is considered the best the association has ever seen by many fans and analysts worldwide. Rose cannot be expected to duplicate Jordan’s success, otherwise he will be a let down.

What happened to Derrick’s knee?

The first season-ending injury occurred in 2012, when Rose tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee. He had surgery to repair the tear, which requires 6 to 12 months of recovery before athletes should return to play.

How tall is drose?

6′ 2″
Derrick Rose/Height

Does Derrick Rose still play in the NBA?

Former NBA MVP Derrick Rose has seen his career derailed by injury since he was among the best players in the NBA as a member of the Chicago Bulls. Unfortunately, a recent return to stellar play has given in to the now-New York Knicks star being sidelined once again.

What were Derrick Rose’s injuries?

Derrick Rose injury history

  • 2012: Torn ACL.
  • 2013: Knee surgery (out for season)
  • 2015: Torn meniscus in knee.
  • 2015: Orbital fracture.
  • 2016: Torn meniscus.

What does Michael Jordan think of Derrick Rose?

MJ once praised D-Rose When Rose became the first Bulls player since Jordan to make the All-Star team in 2009-10, the six-time champion praised the Chicago native. It was a special moment for D-Rose. “I’m very happy for him,” Jordan said about Rose. “The Bulls deserve an All-Star.