Is Beurer thermometer accurate?

Is Beurer thermometer accurate?

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The FT90 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer is reliable and accurate and provides a hygienic and comfortable method of taking temperature, without needing to wake up your child….

Brand Beurer
Unit Count 1 Count

How do you set a Beurer thermometer?

With the thermometer switched on, press and hold the LIGHT/SET button for 5 seconds. The time format option flashes on the display (fig. 1). Use the MODE/MEM button to set your preferred time format and confirm with the LIGHT/SET button.

Is beurer a good brand?

The dedicated effort of Beurer to achieve excellent designs for its products is reflected by the numerous awards from the internationally renowned “red dot award”. Products from the sectors of blood pressure, blood glucose, and beauty received this design award once again in 2015 and 2016.

How do you clean a Beurer thermometer?

All stored temperatures are displayed in the new temperature unit. Clean the sensor tip after every use. Use a clean cloth or cotton bud that can be moistened with disinfectant, alcohol or warm water. To clean the entire device, use a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild soapy solution.

How do you turn the Beurer thermometer off?

To switch the thermometer off, press the POWER and Stirn Forehead buttons simultaneously for approx. three seconds.

How do you use a Beurer thermometer on a Ft 65?

How to use Beurer FT 65 Multi Functional Thermometer

  1. Press the ear mode/power button for 1 second to switch the thermometer on.
  2. Remove the cap by gently pushing it up and then pulling it off forwards.
  3. Make sure that the sensor tip and also the ear canal are clean.

Is Beurer a German company?

Beurer GmbH is a German family-owned Mittelstand manufacturer of electrical devices for health and well-being. Production was based in Uttenweiler since 1963 but was shifted to Hungary and the Far East, with Uttenweiler becoming the company’s main logistics center in Germany in 2011.

Where is Beurer made?

Please note that all Beurer products are designed and engineered in Germany, this product is manufactured at our factory located in China.