Is Ariston water heater safe?

Is Ariston water heater safe?

Safety is something that we cannot compromise on. At Ariston, we have a strong track record of safety, whereby all Ariston water heaters are certified with Total Safety System Feature that is widely recognized internationally by more than 150 countries.

Why is my Ariston water heater not working?

First, reset any tripped circuit breaker, and replace any blown fuse. Next, check if power is being supplied to the electric water heating element thermostat. When the water’s not hot enough, the problem can be an undersized water heater, crossed hot and cold connections, or a faulty heating element or thermostat.

How many watts is Ariston water heater?


Brand Ariston
Power Source Electric
Water Heater Type Unidentified
Capacity 50 Litre
Wattage 1200

Where is Ariston water heater made?

Ariston Vietnam
The new products are produced in the new Ariston Vietnam Plant, the Asia-second-largest plant inaugurated in April 2014.

How long is Ariston water heater warranty?

5 Years
Ariston AN2RS15L Storage Water Heater AN15R

SKU AR570HAAABX920SGAMZ-24081913
Size (W X H X D) 360mm X 360mm X 324mm
Weight 8 kg
Warranty period 5 Years
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty

Is there a reset button on a Ariston water heater?

1) IMPORTANT: Disconnect heater from electrical power. 2) Remove front cover plate (C fig. 3/4). 3) Firmly press reset button (B fig.

How old is my Ariston water heater?

The first seven digits are the product number. The next two digits are the product manufacture code. The next two digits are the year of manufacture. The following three digits are the day of the year manufactured.

Where are Ariston heaters made?

the Netherlands
Ariston Holding NV is an Italian corporation (whose legal seat was transferred to the Netherlands in 2021) that produces heating systems and related products, marketed mainly under the Ariston, Chaffoteaux, Elco, Racold, Régent, Atag, NTI, HTP, Cuenod, Ecoflam and Thermowatt brands.

What are the symptoms of air in a hot water heating system?

Occasionally, air will get into the heating system, which will cause noises such as bubbling or gurgling; if there’s enough air, it could prevent the water from circulating throughout the house. You can fix this problem by bleeding your heating system.

How long does it take to get air out of water pipes?

Let the water from all faucets and appliances run for 10-15 minutes, until you no longer hear sputtering and spitting from your faucets.