How old is Tara King in The Avengers?

How old is Tara King in The Avengers?

Linda Thorson was born on June 18, 1947, which makes her of age 74 in 2021. Her birthplace is Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Who replaced Emma Peel in The Avengers?

Diana Rigg
Elizabeth Shepherd is in a category all her own: she played Emma Peel in one and a half never-aired episodes before being replaced by Diana Rigg. Guest Actor Directory: Over 1,100 guest actors appeared on The Avengers and The New Avengers. Counting repeat appearances, that’s around 2,000 entries.

Is Emma Peel dead?


How many episodes of The Avengers was Tara King in?

33 episodes
Tara King is a fictional character of British 1960s adventure television series The Avengers, played by Canadian actress Linda Thorson. Sixth partner of agent John Steed (and fourth female partner), she appeared in series six (in colour) of the series (1968–1969), playing in 33 episodes. She is Emma Peel’s successor.

What age is Linda Thorson?

74 years (June 18, 1947)
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Who was Emma Peel stunt double?

Ray Austin
Ray Austin, Stunt Arranger for the Emma Peel era and later Director of several Tara King and New Avengers episodes, made his only credited onscreen appearance as Baron in “The Gravediggers.” Doubtless he can be seen in many other episodes—one example is as the Dead Milkman in “The Hour That Never Was.”

Why did Emma Peel leave The Avengers?

Rigg left The Avengers after two series to return to her first love, the theatre, with the Royal Shakespeare Company – despite it meaning a pay cut to £70 per week. “Playing in The Avengers is a commercial thing,” she was quoted as saying at the time. She was replaced on the TV show by Canadian actress Linda Thorson.

Are Tara King and Emma Peel still together?

Emma PeelHomeTNA Partners Tara King – Linda Thorson The surprising news that Emma Peels husband, Peter Peel, is still alive (The Forget-Me-Knot), means that the partnership between Steed and Mrs. Peel unexpectedly ends.

How is Tara King different from her predecessors?

This marks for Steed the beginning of a new phase in cooperation with his partners because Tara King (Linda Thorson) is – unlike her predecessors- no amateur. But this is only one aspect. While Cathy Gale and Emma Peel both were widowed women, Tara is a very young woman, the youngest of his partners, as she has to be around 21 or 22 years old.

Who was Tara King in the Avengers?

Tara King of The Avengers TV series first appeared on television screens in the spring of 1968. She was to be the new crime fighting partner of John Steed (played by Patrick Macnee) and the successor to the much-loved Emma Peel.

Who played Tara King in the young and the Restless?

Tara was played by Canadian actress Linda Thorson and, from the outset, she came under fire for her portrayal of the role – often unkindly judged in comparison to Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel. While Thorson appeared to get off to a slow and somewhat shaky start, she soon grew into the part, once the producers had decided on Tara King’s characterization.