How many people does the Westpac Stadium seat?

How many people does the Westpac Stadium seat?

Sky Stadium/Capacity
A world class sporting facility The first bowl stadium ever built in New Zealand, Westpac Stadium boasts a 34,125sq. m. footprint with an oval accommodating a 133m-long, 70m-wide football field and seating for 34,500 people.

Why is it called the cake tin?

It was built on reclaimed railway land, which was surplus to requirements. The stadium also serves as a large-capacity venue for concerts and is known colloquially as “The Cake Tin”.

When was Westpac stadium built?

January 3, 2000
Sky Stadium/Opened

What is the size of Westpac Stadium?


Opened 1999
Capacity 37,000 (With temporary seating)
Known as Westpac Trust Stadium, Westpac Stadium
Dimensions 235m long, 185m wide
Ends Scoreboard End, City End

How many people can fit in the Wellington Stadium?

Sky Stadium/Capacity

What is the capacity of Eden Park?

Eden Park/Capacity
With a seating capacity just under 50,000 seats, Eden Park creates an unmatched atmosphere to experience LIVE sport in New Zealand. The Park is located in the heart of Auckland, and is well served by arterial roads, buses and trains. It is centrally located in the vibrant suburb of Kingsland less than 3km from the CBD.

How many people can fit in the Wellington stadium?

How many people can the sky stadium hold?

What is the capacity of Mt Smart stadium?

40,000 people
Capacity varies depending on the event, but the stadium can hold up to 40,000 people. There are often standing areas available at concerts – perfect if you want to dance!

Who owns BC Place?

British Columbia
BC Place/Owners

Where is Wellington’s’cake tin’?

Check out the Ministry for Culture and Heritage’s audio guide in the image carousel above. Wellington’s Westpac Stadium – known affectionately as the ‘Cake Tin’ – opened in 1999 to replace the former rugby venue of Athletic Park.

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What is the cake tin?

Opened in 1999, the Cake Tin, as the modern stadium is known outside Wellington, is a popular venue. Its central location near the city’s railway station means that it is easily accessible.