How do you write a Teeec paragraph?

How do you write a Teeec paragraph?

Your first sentence introduces the TOPIC you will be writing about in a paragraph. The second sentence EXPANDS upon the topic, giving more information. This sentence provides an EXAMPLE of the topic you are writing about in this paragraph. This last sentence CONNECTS back to the topic introduced in the first sentence.

What is a Teeec paragraph?

TEEEC Paragraphs are used to persuade. They are a great way to prove an argument or an opinion. Remember, if you quoted another sources in your TEEEC paragraph, you will need to include a bibliography.

What is a Tecc paragraph?

What does TECC stand for? Topic Sentence, Evidence, Commentary, Conclusion. Topic Sentence. Restate the question and answer it (present a claim or position on the topic)

How do you write a TEAC paragraph?

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