How do you perform a word association test?

How do you perform a word association test?

How to improve WAT:

  1. Make sentences as short as possible. Ideally using 4 – 5 words.
  2. Make sentences based on incidents of real life.
  3. Practice WAT with the help of a timer.
  4. For negative words try to find the reason or effect of that thing and make a sentence with that.

What is word association test examples?

Most Common Word Association Test Examples

  • Fear.
  • Future.
  • Word.
  • Love.
  • Life.
  • Error.
  • Dance.
  • Fruit.

What is the purpose of Wat in SSB?

WAT is a test of personality and thoughts in which candidates are required to write a sentence based on the word given. It includes 60 words that appear one after the other for 15 seconds on a projector screen. The word can be used in different ways like antonyms or other verb forms.

Is word association test a projective test?

Projective techniques are normally used during individual or small group interviews. They incorporate a number of different research methods. Among the most commonly used are: Word association test.

What is the time given for SRT in SSB?

30 minutes
In SRT or Situation Reaction Test in SSB Interview, a candidate is required to answer 60 questions in 30 minutes.

What are the rules of word association?

For the word association game, all you need to do is to start with one word and then say the first word that pops into your head. The next person sitting to your right says the first word associated with the previous word. Take turns back and forth if two people are playing or go around the circle if it is a group.

What is word association technique?

In market research, word association is a method of testing respondents’ opinions and perceptions by giving them a word or phrase and requesting that they respond with the first word that comes in to their head when they hear or see it.

What is the full form of SRT in SSB?


What are the four types of projective techniques?

Projective Techniques

  • Word association test.
  • Sentence completion test.
  • Thematic apperception test (TAT)
  • Third-person techniques.

What format are Microsoft Word tests likely to take?

What Format Are Microsoft Word Tests Likely to Take? Usually, Microsoft Word tests are divided into delivery methods – these can be interactive tests or multiple-choice tests . Both test types come with a range of levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The level of testing required will depend on the job role and the employer’s preference.

How to test your Microsoft Word skills?

Most commonly used, the interactive tests use simulations to test Word ability. During the test, the applicant is asked to perform a list of tasks using a combination of the toolbars, menus and shortcut keys that are found within the program.

What is a Microsoft Word Test and how does it work?

The aim is to see how well they can perform common tasks in Word. The alternative is multiple-choice tests. These are designed to test an applicant’s knowledge of theory, rather than ability to use the tools. There is a common misconception that this testing type is easier than the interactive test to complete; this is not necessarily the case.

Why might candidates be tested for Microsoft Word proficiency?

Many employers use Microsoft Word as their office’s word-processing system, and hence expect team members to be proficient in the use and understanding of it. As such, job candidates can be tested in their Word proficiency as part of their job application. Why Might Candidates Be Tested for Microsoft Word Proficiency?