How do you change the font size on text?

How do you change the font size on text?

Change the size of selected textSelect the text or cells with text you want to change. To select all text in a Word document, press Ctrl + A.On the Home tab, click the font size in the Font Size box. You can also type in any size you want, within the following limits:

How do you change the font of a whole document?

Change Font of an Entire Microsoft Word DocThe first part is easy, all we need to do is Select all of the text in the document. To do this Press Ctrl + A on your keyboard. On the Home ribbon, you’ll find everything you need under the Font heading. Click the wide font box to display a list of fonts.

What are some big fonts?

Generally, a font appears larger when it has a large x-height. A couple fonts that I’ve used when legibility is important are Vectora and Helvetica. ITC Garamond is hideous but looks bigger than other Garamonds like Adobe’s.

How can I make a document easier to read?

Getting started – some of the rules for writing Easy Read informationUse wide margins.Justify all of your writing to the left.Keep the pictures to the left of the writing.Use at least 1.5 spacing between lines.Number the pages at the bottom right hand side.Use large font: at least size 16.

How do you make a beautiful report in Word?

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