How do I wipe Chrome OS and install Ubuntu?

How do I wipe Chrome OS and install Ubuntu?

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  1. Enable Developer mode. Developer mode will wipe your Chromebook back to factory settings so make sure you back up any data not on your Google drive.
  2. Modify the Chromebooks BIOS.
  3. Enable USB boot.
  4. Install Linux.

Can you replace Chromebook with Linux?

You can either perform the chromeos rom backup or not as the option presents itself (your choice). You will need that extra USB stick if you choose to backup the original rom. At that point you can insert your new linux boot/install USB stick. From there you simply install like you would on any typical laptop.

How do I Uninstall Ubuntu from my Chromebook?

Removing Ubuntu Linux from a Chromebook

  1. Use Ctrl+Alt+T for terminal.
  2. Enter command: shell.
  3. Enter command: cd /usr/local/chroots.
  4. Enter command: sudo delete-chroot *
  5. Enter command: sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin.

How do I completely remove Chrome OS?

  1. On your computer, close all Chrome windows and tabs.
  2. Click the Start menu. Settings.
  3. Click Apps.
  4. Under “Apps & features,” find and click Google Chrome.
  5. Click Uninstall.
  6. Confirm by clicking Uninstall.
  7. To delete your profile information, like bookmarks and history, check “Also delete your browsing data.”
  8. Click Uninstall.

How do I turn my Chromebook into a Linux machine?

You can turn it on any time from Settings.

  1. On your Chromebook, at the bottom right, select the time.
  2. Select Settings Advanced. Developers.
  3. Next to “Linux development environment,” select Turn On.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. Setup can take 10 minutes or more.
  5. A terminal window opens.

How do I run Ubuntu on a Chromebook?

Enter Ubuntu: with just a few minutes of work, you can get a full-fledged Linux desktop up and running on some solid Chromebook hardware, making for a pretty great laptop. We’re going to use a tool called Crouton to install Ubuntu, which uses the chroot command to run Ubuntu on top of Chrome OS, which is already based on Linux.

How do I install crouton on a Chromebook?

Go to the Crouton GitHub project page and click the link at the top of the page to download the latest version of Crouton. This is a direct link to the latest Crouton download (it may change though). Leave the downloaded file in the Downloads folder. 3. Install Ubuntu Now it’s time to install Ubuntu on your Chromebook.

How to install Ubuntu/GNOME Software on Chrome OS?

You can install Ubuntu / Gnome Software application by opening a terminal on your Ubuntu desktop running on top of Chrome OS, and typing the following command: Normally you could now launch the “Software” application from your applications menu (System -> Software).

How do I Start Chrome OS on Ubuntu terminal?

Press Ctrl + D at the initial startup screen to load Chrome OS. Press Ctrl + Alt + F2 at the Chrome OS login screen. At the terminal prompt, type sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1