How do I migrate users between storage zones in ShareFile?

How do I migrate users between storage zones in ShareFile?

Alternatively, use the ShareFile User Management Tool to migrate users between zones. Click Home and then navigate to the folder. In the right navigation pane, click Edit Folder Options. From the storage zone menu, select a zone and then click Save. Click Home and then click Folders. On the Folder tab, click Add Folder.

How to configure ShareFile to work with external storage zone controller?

Login to the ShareFile Control Panel and join the server to the exisiting zone. You will need to enter the passphrase you configured during the initial deployment. 4. Verify in the external ShareFile panel that both Storage Zone Controllers are working properly and upload a test file.

How do I delete a ShareFile storage zone?

To delete the zone: Click the zone name and then click Delete Zone. ShareFile user requests for file uploads, downloads, and deletions are handled by storage zones controller, which then communicates with the connected storage.

How does the persistent storage work with ShareFile?

For example, if the connected storage is a supported third-party storage system and a ShareFile user uploads a file, the ShareFile client sends the file to the persistent storage cache. Storage zones controller then uploads the file to the third-party storage system.

How do I configure ShareFile to use the Azure StorageZone?

Technical Brief Provisioning ShareFile on Microsoft Azure Storage 10 Configuring a User in ShareFile to use the Azure StorageZone 1. Navigate to Manage Users click Create Employee. 2. Enter the e-mail address of the employee. Click Next Step.

How do I remove a storage zone controller from ShareFile?

In the ShareFile panel click on “Admin” and select your StorageZone. 2. Select the Storage Zone controller you want to remove –> “ShareFile-01.lab.local” 3.

How to configure StorageZone connector for Network File Shares/SharePoint?

Go to menu Traffic Management > Load Balancing, and click on Configure XenMobile ShareFile and NetScaler Gateway Fill in a name (anything you like) and a free IP Address, select StorageZone Connector for Network File Shares/SharePoint and click Continue