How do I get aavin milk dealer?

How do I get aavin milk dealer?

To become Aavin Franchise retailer, you can directly contact the Head office on the phone. On receiving the required information, the field staff will contact the applicant. The applicant will have to be required to fill out and submit a detailed Franchise Application Form.

How do I get aavin milk online?

GUIDELINES TO CONSUMERS 3) The New consumer to get Aavin Milk Cards has to register their details by selecting the third option, fill up the details and get a registration No. 4) The existing Consumer has to enter their existing Milk Cards Nos. in the Registration form.

Which aavin has more fat?

Aavin offers four other varieties of milk — Nice (blue packet) toned milk with 3 per cent fat and 8.5 per cent SNF, Green Magic (green packet) standardised 4.5 per cent fat and 8.5 per cent SNF, Premium (orange packet) full cream milk with 6 per cent fat and 9 per cent SNF and the double toned Diet milk (magenta packet …

What is the use of Aavin milk card?

Aavin milk is sold at retail shops at Rs 3-4 a litre higher than the maximum retail price (MRP). Hence, the purchase of milk through cards will enable consumers to avail themselves of milk cheaper by Rs 5-7 a litre helping them save Rs 60-90 a month.

How do I join Aavin?

AAVIN Milk Salem recruitment notification is available at Candidates who seeking for 10th jobs can apply for this AAVIN Milk vacancy. The Last date to submit the application form will be updated later.

Is Aavin dealership profitable?

While five lakh litres of milk sold through Aavin cards, 6.5 lakh litres of milk are sold through retailers. About 50,000 litres of Aavin milk are distributed to government hospitals. “We get Rs 3 to Rs 4 profit a litre for selling private milk.

How do I renew my aavin milk card online?

Consumers can register their details, including address and milk depot number, at > They will be provided with a unique registration number that will enable them to renew their monthly milk cards using credit or debit cards.

How do I start aavin milk collection center?

How to apply for Aavin milk dealership or franchise

  1. Filling up online application form. First and foremost step is to fill online application form where you need to enter the details asked.
  2. Discussing the business plan with customer representative.
  3. Singing up for a contract.
  4. Starting the business with Aavin milk.

Which color aavin milk is good for adults?

In our house, since we need more milk in the morning everyday we buy aavin red and in the evening we buy aavin blue. P.S. For preparation of milk sweets like Paalgoava, it is better to use the red one since it has most cream.

Which aavin milk is good for adults?

Which type of milk is best for me?

Brand Type of milk Fat ( %)
Aavin Toned Double toned Standardised Full cream 3 1.50 4.50 6
Heritage Toned Double toned Full cream Standardised Golden Cow Slim Family toned 3 1.0 6 4.5 3 0.1 3
Mother dairy Toned Standardised Full cream 3 4.5 6
Amul Toned Double toned Premium Full cream 3 1.5 7 6

What is the price of Aavin milk?

Aavin Milk Products Old Price (1ltr) New Price (1ltr)
Blue 43.00 40.00
Green 47.00 44.00
Orange 51.00 48.00
Magenta 37.00 34.00

Is aavin a government job?

AAVIN Recruitment 2022: AAVIN Milk releases the AAVIN Recruitment 2022 Notifications regularly and invites applications from Tamil Nadu Govt job seekers….Eligibility Criteria for AAVIN Jobs.

Post Name Education Qualification Salary (Per Month)
Technician 10th / 12th / ITI Rs. 19,500-62,000/-

What makes Aavin different?

Aavin packs the goodness of fresh milk from Coimbatore’s natural farms and deliver them into 1.25 million kitchens daily. Twice actually. Aavin also makes the best quality, certified milk products from the fresh, purest milk for its community to enjoy and to be healthy.

How do I contact Aavin?

1800-425-3300 [email protected] search Navigation Home About Us angle-down Holistic information about TCMPF Objectives Strategies Dairy Development Department Quality and Food Safety Quality Management Quality Control Activities Certificates QC Department Vision & Mission Milk Co-operative at a Glance

How do I complain about Aavin in Tamilnadu?

Sign In Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited (TCMPF) 1800-425-3300 [email protected] search Navigation Home About Us angle-down

What services does Aavin nice offer?

Aavin Nice Aavin Premium Products angle-down Beverages Fermented Products Hotmilk Ice Cream Milk Products Sweets Services angle-down Services to Producers Services to Consumers