How do I activate data on vectone?

How do I activate data on vectone?

How to activate mobile data?

  1. Text message: 1) Text “Internet” to 3311 (free of charge) and wait for a reply. 2) Open your SMS and enter the code ‘1234’
  2. Phone: call Customer Service on 2211, free from your Vectone Mobile number.
  3. Online: click here to Activate.

What network is vectone on?

Vectone Mobile is a virtual network that uses the Everything Everywhere (EE) network that is run by Orange and T-Mobile. As you can use the cell towers of both of these providers, this means that it has amazing 2G and 3G coverage across almost all of the UK. Call quality is also consistently great.

How do I check my data balance on vectone?

  1. Balance: Check your account balance by dialling *102#.
  2. Allowances: Check your bundle allowances and renewal date by dialling *1260#.
  3. Auto-renewal cancellation: To cancel the Auto-Renewal feature, dial *1160# before the renewal date and follow the instructions or log into “My Vectone” to disable Auto-Renewal.

How do I cancel vectone monthly?

To cancel a Monthly Plan, please send an email to [email protected] with 30 days notice. Once you receive an email confirming that your Monthly Plan has been cancelled, you can add any plan as a Pay As You Go.

How can I contact Vectone Mobile?

Call 322. Contact Customer Service on 322, free from your Vectone Mobile phone, or alternatively on 0207 179 0134 from any other phone (calls from other networks may incur charges). Customer Service is available from 09.00 to 18.00, Monday to Sunday.

How do I check my Vectone bundle balance UK?

What is my vectone number?

How can I check my Vectone Mobile number? On your mobile, dial *105# and your number will automatically display on screen.

How do I top up vectone?

It’s easy to use a USSD/shortcode. Dial *141* followed by the 16-digit paysafecard PIN followed by * and the amount and# (the amounts you can top up by are £5, £10, £20, £30 or £50).

How do I find my vectone number?

What is my Vectone number?