Get paid to write an essay – jobs for beginning writers

Earnings on the writing of articles

In this article, you can learn as it is possible to earn on the writing articles. As well as what are the types of texts for which pay money. Get tips on earnings for the beginner copywriters.

Nowadays, most people just can’t imagine life without the Internet. Almost all netizens read the news, various blogs, articles, learning a lot of information from them.

But not many give a thought on how this information appears on various sites, are they simply information or scientific. Who writes articles and provides you with information? Let’s look at this issue in more details.

Basic principles of a copywriter

Those people who are involved in writing articles for money online called copywriters. The operating principle of the copywriter (contractor or author). The contractor finds a customer who provides him with work, takes the order and carries out it according to the requirements of the client.

Standard requirements are literacy, text size (number of characters), uniqueness. But it is necessary to consider and that fact, that each customer has his own wishes for the performance of work. Someone is important extremely uniqueness, and someone exposes more rigid requirements.

Many customers provide keys or links to various resources that need to be correctly entered into the article. After the article is written, it is necessary to check for errors and uniqueness. If suddenly something does not meet the requirements of the client, the text needs to be improved. After completion, the text is sent to the customer and, if he is satisfied with everything, he accepts the order, and transfers the money for the work to the performer. After the sale, the copywriter loses all ownership rights to the article and cannot sell it again.

There are some types of text for which to you will pay money

Copywriting is an author’s article written on any topic. That is, people write essays get paid for this. Such texts as copywriting are the highest paid, and the highest quality kind of content, that is, they are not found anywhere else.

Rewriting an existing article in your own words. Such texts are valued less than copywriting. But the demand is high because it is easier to write for the contractor and, in turn, is cheaper for the buyer.

Translation of articles from foreign languages. Well, here I think everyone understands that a certain text is translated from a foreign language and communicated to the semantic correspondence of the article. This species is in great demand.

SEO copywriting is the same copywriting, rewriting only a written article should be optimized for a specific key request. No less demanded type of earnings for copywriters.

Tips for beginner copywriters

  • For a start, it is worth to register on one of the exchanges of copywriting.
  • Choosing a job, it is not necessary to dwell on those proposed exactly newcomers to raise the rankings and loyal requirements. As such, customers greatly underestimate the price.
  • It is not necessary to take the same job on a topic in which you do not understand. It is much easier to work on producing for your topic.
  • You do not need to take a lot of orders to work at once, you can be late to hand over the work on time.
  • If there are any misunderstandings on the assignment, it is better to clarify them with the customer, since then the work may not be accepted, and you will have to redo everything.

Such work as copywriting requires constant improvement. Be sure to study the books of successful authors. This will significantly improve the quality of your texts, and thus increase earnings.