Does Frankfurt have a University?

Does Frankfurt have a University?

The University of Frankfurt (my current university) is a world-class educational institution, especially in the fields of economics and German law. One of its campuses (Westend) has been called the nicest campus in Europe.

Is Goethe University Frankfurt public?

Goethe University Frankfurt is a publically-owned university situated in Frankfurt, a large German metropolis. It was established in 1914 as Universität Frankfurt am Main by the powerful and wealthy liberal citizenry of the city.

What is Goethe University known for?

A world-class research university with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary approaches, Goethe University is particularly well regarded for its work in medicine and physics as well as highly applicable contributions to economics and business administration.

Is Frankfurt a student city?

Some neighbourhoods like Ostend and Bockenheim can offer cheaper options. Frankfurt is a student-friendly city, and while accommodation costs are high, the expenses in the student-preferred neighbourhoods are affordable.

What is Frankfurt university known for?

Social Research
The university has been best known historically for its Institute for Social Research (founded 1924), the institutional home of the Frankfurt School, a preeminent 20th-century school of philosophy and social thought.

Is it hard to get into Goethe University Frankfurt?

Having an acceptance rate of 77%, admissions at Goethe University are moderately selective.

Is Goethe University prestigious?

Goethe University Frankfurt, positioned among the top international research universities, offers a wide variety of academic programmes, a diverse group of research institutes, and a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex problems. Today the university has over 48,000 students.

What courses does the Studienkolleg Frankfurt offer?

The Studienkolleg Frankfurt offers the following specialised courses as preparation for studying: G-course: for degrees in the humanities. The university assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) can be taken two times a year. Each specific course has 4 to 5 subjects:

Will I be admitted to a German Studienkolleg?

Whether you are admitted to a German Studienkolleg or not depends on your previous education. In order to attend a Studienkolleg, you must have a higher education entrance qualification from your home country or any other country that is not part of the EU treaty system.

How to start studying at a university in Germany?

Depending on this evaluation, you will either be able to directly start studying at a university, or you will need to first take a 1-year specialised course at a Studienkolleg for taking the university assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung).