Do you italicize thoughts in first person?

Do you italicize thoughts in first person?

In the first-person narrative, everything you write is straight out of the main character’s brain. You don’t need to clarify the character’s thoughts by placing them in italics or qualifying them with an I thought tag.

Why is my inner voice so mean?

The critical inner voice represents an internal enemy and may be thought of as a threat to self-actualization and self-fulfillment. The critical inner voice is defined as a well-integrated pattern of negative thoughts toward one’s self and others that is at the root of an individual’s maladaptive behavior.

What are some positive thoughts?

11 Positive Thoughts for Your Everyday MotivationBe Thankful You Woke up This Morning. Not to start on a morbid note, but you woke up this morning. You Don’t Have to Listen to Haters. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. You Must Take a Chance. Accept That Things End. Don’t Judge Others. Don’t do Things for Others That Make You Unhappy. Don’t Like Your Job?