Crown Agencies Need This New Software

Crown Agencies Need This New Software

Modern technology can do some wonderful things, but the rash of hacks and security breaches in the news has made it clear that organizations need to proactively safeguard their sensitive data. Every organization has information that needs to be kept confidential, whether it pertains to their own operations or perhaps even to the data of customers or employees.

It’s essential that Crown agencies deliver the quality services citizens expect while also assuring them of the security they deserve. With their need to promote transparency and better governance, the boards of many Crown agencies are turning to board portal software as a means to stay connected securely.

It’s sophisticated software, so read on to learn more about how it works.

Centralized Communication

Directors have busy schedules filled with travel, and directors on the same board may even live in different cities. What they need is a platform that lets them keep connected remotely in a way that’s effortless and secure. Board portal software delivers both.

The best board portals offer one centralized platform on which to communicate, so directors will no longer have to toggle between using email and text messages. They can use whichever device they prefer and stay connected easily.

Board portal software is cloud-based, which has a few distinct advantages. Your directors can prepare for board meetings on the go by accessing important board documents from anywhere in the world on their laptop, desktop, or tablet. Going paperless also means that documents can’t get lost, and it also helps your Crown agency reduce its carbon footprint and avoid courier fees.

Remote Collaboration

Board directors need to work effectively on the go, and portal software lets them do it. Directors can easily access and annotate all board documents to leave comments or questions in the margins for colleagues. If an issue requires a vote, directors can use the dedicated polling feature.

When a director makes a change to a document, all the other directors are notified of the edit right away. This keeps them aware of the latest versions effortlessly, so everyone begins the meeting on the same page.

Finally, this technology also works offline, freeing directors up to work where and when they can. The portal software automatically syncs up when connected to Wi-Fi.

Robust Security

You don’t need to read a newspaper for very long to find another story about a hack, so it’s understandable that directors are looking for technology that keeps their Crown agency out of the news for the wrong reasons.

Board portal software uses layers of advanced encryption to keep hackers away from sensitive information. The servers always adhere to independent third-party security certification requirements.

If a director’s device issued by the organization should go missing, its board data can be wiped remotely to avoid a breach. This director can then log in to the board portal using any other laptop, desktop, or tablet if they want to access important board documents.

For these reasons, Crown agencies looking for modern tech that keeps their decision makers plugged in while also safeguarding them against modern data breaches are turning to board portal software.