Are Piaggio MP3 safe?

Are Piaggio MP3 safe?

As standard, it comes with ABS to all three wheels and ASR – Anti Slip Regulation (traction control) – features familiar to many car drivers. The in-built safety features and third wheel of the MP3 provide great safe braking control and stop the rear wheel spinning on damp/slippery surfaces.

What does LT mean on a Piaggio MP3?

In the wake of the great public success achieved since 2006, the year the first model was introduced, Piaggio has developed and implemented several versions and engine capacities to meet all daily mobility requirements: from the Yourban version, the most sleek and urban Piaggio MP3 model, to the LT (acronym for Large …

What kind of car is a Piaggio MP3 500?

Piaggio MP3 500 (in its three versions: Piaggio MP3 500 Sport LT, Piaggio MP3 500 Sport LT ABS/ASR e Piaggio MP3 500 Business LT ABS/ASR) is now the flagship of the 3-wheel vehicle range supplied by the Piaggio Group.

Is the Piaggio MP3 touring easy to Park?

Measuring no more than a maxi scooter and boasting incredible agility, the Piaggio MP3 Touring is completely at home in the city centre. It is also remarkably easy to park, as the electrohydraulic front suspension hold system keeps the vehicle upright without using the stand.

What kind of engine does the MP3 500 have?

Powered by a high-performance 500ie engine with twin-spark ignition, the Mp3 500 delivers class-beating performance and is offered in two different spec levels: “Sport” and “Business”.

How fast is the MP3 touring 500ie?

The result is a flexible, high performance engine with plenty of low and mid range torque, giving the Mp3 Touring 500ie a top speed approaching 145 Km/h, with total respect for the environment ensured by the advanced “closed loop” injection system with an oxygen sensor and a three-way catalytic converter.