Why did SSoHPKC disappear?

Why did SSoHPKC disappear?

Recorded in August, Seamus finally explained why he was on long hiatus. Seamus also announced in the video that he has left The Creatures since he felt that his life was too complicated and wanted it to go back the way it used to be years ago.

Why did Seamus leave?

Seamus Paddy O’Doherty On December 30th 2015, Seamus announced his departure from the Creatures, citing his sickness and personal issues as a reason for his departure.

Is SSoHPKC irish?

Seamus ‘SSoHPKC’ O’Doherty (YouTube name SSoHPKC) is a YouTube video game player known in the gaming community for the massive amounts of uploading he does. Known primarily for his sarcastic nature, Seamus is a proud Irishman with a love for alcohol and has even uploaded videos of himself playing while drunk.

How old is AshhBearr?


Name Ashley Patching
Age 22
Subscribers 45,000+
Creature Connections Seamus

What happened to the creatures YouTube?

In mid June 2017, The Creatures halted all production, including new or continued series, gaming and The Hub Cast. As of July 2017, Kootra and Dan have focused of their YouTube channels and livestreaming on Twitch respectively.

Who is Ssohpkc girlfriend?

Ashley “AshhBearr” Patching is a friend of the Creatures and girlfriend of Seamus….

Creature Connections Seamus

Is cow chop done?

While there is no official statement in regards to the future of Cow Chop after the 2019 year, it is inferred that the channel will disband. On December 20, 2019, John tweeted a picture of the warehouse, simply saying “That’s a wrap”, concluding and announcing that Cow Chop had officially ended.

What is UberHaxorNova doing now?

Streaming. In early 2018, James started more actively streaming on his Twitch-page. Following his departure from Cow Chop, he moved out of Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon in July 2019 to continue doing live-streaming full-time. Since Mid-2019 he has become a full-time roleplayer for Grand Theft Auto V.