Who is the anti Batman?

Who is the anti Batman?

Often considered the purest Anti-Batman is the villain known only as Wrath, who first appeared in 1984. The Wrath’s origin is a direct criminal parallel to that of the young Bruce Wayne’s. His parents were a pair of burglars he idolized heavily until they were shot by a police officer.

Who is the most underrated Batman villain?

Batman: The 6 Most Underrated Villains

  • Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange is one of the supervillains that hasn’t gotten much time in the spotlight considering how threatening he can be.
  • Lady Shiva.
  • Calendar Man.
  • Deathstroke.
  • Clayface.
  • Ventriloquist & Scarface.

Which villain is Batman afraid of?

Scarecrow. As the Guardian of Gotham, Batman strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies—utilizing terror itself as a weapon in his crusade against the villains that plague his city. However, there is another denizen of Gotham that knows how to use fear to his advantage.

Is deathstroke the anti Batman?

That’s right: Deathstroke is not, strictly speaking, a “Batman villain.” Arguably, he’s more famously known as a foe for the Teen Titans and Green Arrow, the latter of which he’s battled in live-action on The CW’s Arrow. That’s not to say Deathstroke hasn’t fought Batman.

Is there a reverse Batman?

Scorn is the Reverse-Batman, a vigilante born from the unjust killing of a loved one willing to do anything to change Gotham’s status quo.

Who is the least known Batman villain?

10 Underrated Batman Villains (Who’ve Never Appeared in Film)

  • 3 Man-Bat.
  • 4 Hush.
  • 5 Maxie Zeus.
  • 6 Professor Pyg.
  • 7 Prometheus.
  • 8 Calendar Man.
  • 9 Kite Man.
  • 10 Killer Moth. Many of Batman’s most effective antagonists take the form of some kind of twisted parallel to the character of Bruce Wayne himself.

Is Scarecrow immune to his own toxin?

Arkham Knight Incident Unfortunately, exposure to the toxin caused Joker to see his fear of being forgotten letting Batman retake his being, and Scarecrow was not immune to his latest batch of toxin causing him to go mad.

Why did Crane cut his face?

After attempting to cause fear in Owen, Crane found himself unable to kill him and broke down on the floor. Urging himself that he no longer needed a mask, he used a straight razor to carve up his own face before disemboweling Owen. Jason soon returned from a fight with Nightwing where he had left Nightwing for dead.

Why is Deathstroke missing an eye?

deathstroke lost his eye because of his wife (Adeline Kane) who injured his eye because of the death of one of his sons Jericho because he chose honor of trade above his family which angered his wife and she shot the right eye of slade.

What is a Batman pattern?

… the Bat pattern is a retracement and continuation pattern that occurs when a trend temporarily reverses its direction but then continues on its original course. it gives you the opportunity to enter the market at a good price, just as the pattern ends and the trend resumes, and has a bullish and bearish version.

What villains are not in Gotham?

Gotham Is Over: 10 Batman Villains We Will Never See

  • 10 Clock King.
  • 9 Arkham Knight.
  • 8 Condiment King.
  • 7 Killer Croc.
  • 6 Talia al Ghul.
  • 5 Man-Bat.
  • 4 Deadshot.
  • 3 Deathstroke.

What are the real names of the villains in Batman?

– Joaquim de Almeida (“Traction”) – Ron Perlman (“Team Penguin”) – Clancy Brown (“The Batman/Superman Story”)

Who are the female villains in Batman?

Bloom is a book with a storyline where Julie Madison features prominently. Harleen Frances Quinzel aka Harley Quinn is probably one of the most recognisable girl Batman villains in history especially in mainstream media despite only been around since the early 90s.

Is Batman a superhero or a villain?

We can state that Batman is a superhero and a vigilante, with one not excluding the other, the other actually being a proof of his unconventional heroism. He cannot be described as an anti-hero, at least not in the Prime-Earth narratives, while some alternative versions might deserve that label as well.

Which Batman villain are you most like?

You are Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a The Penguin. Pragmatic, confident, and calculating, you’re a productive worker and efficient at organization and management. You’re passionate and driven and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. Nobody gets in your way or tells you to back down. You’re Batman’s most powerful villain and the king of Gotham’s underworld.