Who is Mr A Shankill Butchers?

Who is Mr A Shankill Butchers?

John Alexander Thompson Murphy (26 August 1950 – 10 August 1998) was a loyalist from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was one of the three leading men in the “Shankill Butchers”, an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) murder gang.

Is Shankill Catholic?

As a defined road, the Shankill dates to the 16th century when it formed part of the main road to Antrim. This area, though, was dominated by an Irish Catholic population, while the Shankill remained Protestant and Unionist.

How many Shankill Butchers were there?

The Shankill Butchers – a gang of at least 13 men – inflicted terror on the people of Belfast during the 1970s, murdering at least 19 people. Many of their victims were abducted from Catholic areas of the city and subjected to unimaginable torture before their throats were cut.

Why choose the Brown Bear pub?

The Brown Bear is a traditional pub with a lively atmosphere that is welcoming and homely. We have a wide selection of cask ales, regularly featuring guest brews, along with a fine selection of whiskies ready to tickle your taste buds.

What happened to Lenny Murphy’s Shankill pub’brown bear’?

The “Brown Bear” pub which loyalist Lenny Murphy used as his headquarters to direct his notorious murder gang – the Shankill Butchers – was located on the corner of the Upper Shankill and Mountjoy Street. The pub, which went out of business, has since been demolished.

What is the Shankill Road?

It runs through the working-class, predominantly loyalist, area known as the Shankill . The road stretches westwards for about 1.5 mi (2.4 km) from central Belfast and is lined, to an extent, by shops.

What are the most famous pubs on Shankill Road?

The “Rex Bar” on the middle Shankill is one of the oldest pubs on the Shankill Road and frequented by members of the UVF. This bar was attacked by members of the UDA’s C Company in 2000 to launch a loyalist feud between the two groups.