Which US university has the lowest acceptance rate?

Which US university has the lowest acceptance rate?

11 Colleges With the Lowest Acceptance Rates

School (state) Fall 2020 acceptance rate
Harvard University (MA) 5%
Stanford University (CA) 5%
Columbia University (NY) 6%
Princeton University (NJ) 6%

Is a 50 acceptance rate good?

You should consider a college to be a Good Chance if you have a 50% or better chance of acceptance because your GPA and test scores are in the middle 50% of the applicants admitted in the past. For a Good Chance school, The school has an acceptance rate closer to 50%. You have a decent to good chance of acceptance.

What college has the lowest acceptance rate 2021?

In 2020-2021, an impressive 55,471 students applied to Stanford–and only 2,190 were accepted! That’s an acceptance rate of just 3.9%, giving Stanford one of the lowest college acceptance rates.

What colleges have a 20% acceptance rate?


Rank School Acceptance Rate
8 University of California-Los Angeles 17%
9 Georgetown University 17%
10 Washington University in St Louis 17%
11 University of Notre Dame 20%

Is a 3.0 GPA okay?

Is a 3.0 GPA good? A 3.0 unweighted GPA means that you’ve earned a B average across all of your classes. This is the national average GPA for high school students, but it may be slightly lower than the average GPA of high school students who plan on attending college. 16.1% of schools have an average GPA below a 3.0.

Is 60% a high acceptance rate?

There’s not really such a thing as a good or bad acceptance rate. In general, schools with low acceptance rates (lower than 10 percent) are more selective or have high standards or have tens of thousands of students applying for relatively few spots.

Is a 40 percent acceptance rate good?

Schools that accept between 20 and 40% of applicants are considered to be competitive–though not overwhelmingly selective. These schools generally have excellent reputations and facilities; examples of schools that fall into this category include Boston College, George Washington University, and NYU.

Which universities have the lowest acceptance rates?

Stanford University with a 4.34% acceptance rate of the 47,498 applicants

  • Harvard University with a 4.92% acceptance rate of the 43,330 applicants
  • Columbia University with a 6.1% acceptance rate of the 36,250 applicants
  • Princeton University with a 6.5% acceptance rate of the 29,303 applicants
  • What college has the least acceptance rate?

    Top 100 – Lowest Acceptance Rates School Location Fall 2019 acceptance rate Stanford University Stanford , CA 4% Columbia University New York, NY 5% Curtis Institute of Music Philadelphia, PA 5% Harvard University Cambridge, MA 5%

    What schools have the highest acceptance rate?

    UCL popularly called, was established in 1826. This university is widely known for their impressive acceptance rate. Predominantly, UCL is a university for all and sundry as time and time again they give admission to deserving applicants based on merit.

    What is considered a low acceptance rate?

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