Which Arkansas region is known for duck hunting?

Which Arkansas region is known for duck hunting?

The Black River WMA has earned a place among the top public waterfowling areas in the South. Encompassing approximately 25,482 acres in northeast Arkansas’ Clay, Randolph and Green counties, this vast bottomland complex is a magnet for large numbers of ducks.

How much does an Arkansas duck hunt cost?

$525.00 per day *Includes daily guided duck hunt and afternoon White front goose hunt, Nightly Lodging, Continental Breakfast and a full brunch after the hunt.

What are the dates for duck hunting in Arkansas?

Waterfowl hunting is allowed 30 minutes before sunrise until sunset on Jan. 31, 2022 and Dec. 4, 2021 and Feb 5, 2022 (Youth and Special Active Duty Military and Veteran Waterfowl Hunts) on WMAs.

How many duck hunters are in Arkansas?

More than 100,000 waterfowl hunters each year enjoy hunting the iconic flooded timber and rice fields of Arkansas, contributing to the state’s economy nearly $1 million each day of duck season.

What licenses are required to hunt ducks in Arkansas?

To hunt waterfowl, a state lifetime waterfowl permit (purchased once after age 65) and federal waterfowl stamps are required in addition to HIP. Proof of applicant’s age and 60 days of Arkansas residency are required to apply for this license.

How much do you tip a duck guide?

In speaking with guides all over the country, it seems customary that tipping your guide around 15-20% of the day’s cost is what the going rate is.

What time of year is duck season?

2021-2022 Regulations

Southern San Joaquin Valley Zone Ducks only Oct 23 – Jan 31 & Feb 5 – 6, Feb 19 – 20, Feb 26 – 27
Southern California Zone Same as regular season Oct 23 – Jan 31 & Feb 5 – 6, Feb 19 – 20, Feb 26 – 27
Colorado River Zone Ducks only Oct 23 – Jan 31 & Feb 1 – 4

Can you bait ducks in Arkansas?

What Are the Penalties for Baiting? Baiting migratory game birds is a criminal offense with fines up to $200,000 and a one-year prison term. Hunting over a known baited area can result in fines up to $15,000.