What makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 so special?

What makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 so special?

With the Galaxy S3, Samsung hasn’t messed with its formula much, recognising slick design and a gorgeous screen were the secret to the Galaxy S2’s success.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S3 look dated?

The Galaxy S3 retains its predecessor’s physical home button. The soft curves of the S3 haven’t pleased a lot of Android fans either — judging by some of the user reviews. The rounded corners on the back do look dated, reminiscent of smart phones from several years ago.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 the sharpest smartphone on the market?

The S3’s pixel density per inch is not actually the sharpest in smart phone town — at 306ppi it’s not quite as hi-res as the (342ppi), or the HTC One X (312ppi), but this is really splitting hairs.

What operating system does the Samsung Galaxy S3 run?

The Galaxy S3 is running on Android, Google’s mobile operating system. Specifically, it’s powered by (ICS). Until very recently ICS was the latest version of Android but that honour now goes to 4.1 Jelly Bean. Samsung has not yet confirmed whether the S3 will get an update to Jelly Bean.

What’s new on the Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz?

One new addition to TouchWiz on the S3 is Samsung’s much-trumpeted eye-tracking technology. This makes use of the phone’s front facing camera so it can keep the screen on if it detects a face looking at it. It’s a nice idea, which works well if you’re holding the phone directly in front of your face.

How good is the Samsung Galaxy S3 at web browsing?

In the Vellamo browser benchmark test, the S3 scored 2,077 — but was just beaten into second place by the HTC One XL (a phone that hasn’t launched in the UK). The S3’s generous screen offers ample room for poking and prodding your way around the web.