What is the fees of Aakash live?

What is the fees of Aakash live?

Aakash Live Fee for Class 11

Package Name Course Details Aakash Live Price
2 Years Course for NEET 2020 850 Hours Live Classes 120 Hours Doubt clarification sessions Printed Material Available 350+ Tests 27 AIATS Rs 1,00,800 Rs 43,199

Why is Aakash institute famous for?

Aakash has motivated and guided lakhs of aspirants, who are serving the nation as eminent Doctors and Engineers. Aakash is a leading institute for Pre-Medical/NEET Coaching and for the preparation of IIT JEE Main and Advanced Entrance Exams across India.

Is Mobile allowed in Aakash Institute?

No student is allowed to carry mobile phone/I-pod in the classes or during the tests. In case, if he/she carries mobile phone in the classes or tests, then it should be switched off. The Institute is not responsible for any loss/theft of mobile phone in the Institute.

Is Aakash live class good?

It has efficient and good connectivity so you can connect and attend LIVE sessions online even when you have an internet speed of dedicated 100 Kbps. Course material: With ‘Aakash Live’, you get printed Aakash study material. If you miss out on any lecture, you can access recorded session videos and session notes.

Is Aakash better than Allen?

Aakash also have recorded lectures, so if you miss any lecture, you can watch it but this facility is not available at Allen Aakash has centers all over India whereas Allen only got 3 main centers. Also, if you don’t know, the results given by Aakash is much more better than Allen.

Is Aakash live?

LIVE Classes: Attend live online classes taken by qualified Aakash faculty from the safety of your home. Doubt Clarification: Ask questions during the live class and get immediate answer from the teachers. Replay a Missed Class: You can access the recording of any class and replay it as many times as you want.

Why did BYJU buy Aakash?

Byju’s is buying Aakash Educational Services for nearly $1 billion, in a bid to enter the test prep space. “We invested in AESL because it is one of the leading education brands in India with a professional management team, best-in-class corporate governance, and a 33-year track record of exceptional results.

Can we quit Aakash?

In case, where a student expresses his intention of not attending the institute, and withdrawing his admission, he/she will have to visit the branch/ centre in person and submit his/her application in writing stating the reason for seeking a refund.

Is Aakash worth joining?

AAkash live classes are good for preparation of NEET or JEE. I personally have taken coaching from these institutes and the way they teach are worthy of praise. The fact is they proceed in a very definitive manner which helps students to understand the concept and enhanced deep learning foundations.

Is Aakash live free?

You can even access the free live classes for NEET, JEE, Class 8 – 10 in the recorded format as per your convenience. This will help you understand which course to choose from the entire list of the Aakash Digital online courses.

Is Nalin Khandelwal from Aakash?

Nalin Khandelwal has topped the NEET UG 2019 by securing 701 out of 720….Aakash NEET Result 2019.

Aakash NEET Toppers Name Course
NEET Rank 1 Nalin Khandelwal Distance
NEET Rank 2 Bhavik Bansal Classroom
NEET Rank 3 Akshat Kaushik Classroom
NEET Rank 4 Swastik Bhatia Classroom

Is Kota best for medical?

Kota city is the prime educational center in India. With the expert team of faculties and teaching methodologies, the NEET coaching centers of Kota are giving the highest selections in competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and other medical exams.

Why choose Aakash live?

“Aakash Live was helpful because we could get access to lectures whenever and wherever we wanted. Live classes didn’t feel like virtual classes and gave us an experience of real classroom experience. Even if we missed the live class, we had access to recordings to cover the course on time.

How good is Aakash faculty?

Aakash Faculty was great and were very helpful. They made the class interactive with sharing animation and videos. Also, the practice papers given by Aakash Live were of great help. Overall, I am happy with Aakash Live.”

What is it like to study at Aakash Delhi?

“Getting coached by Aakash Delhi faculty, was a great experience. It was almost like attending lectures at the centre itself. Aakash Live also helped me save time, which I invested in studying.”

Should I take the Aakash practest?

DON’T TAKE A CHANCE. TAKE A TEST. Important things in life should not be left to chance and probability. Especially when it comes to your success in the entrance exams. Smart students choose Aakash PracTest to test themselves against students outside their coaching center.