What is the Bedwyn Saga?

What is the Bedwyn Saga?

The “Bedwyn Saga” otherwise known as the “Slightly” or “Bedwyn Family” series are a series of historical romances by Mary Balogh the Welsh-Canadian author. The “Bedwyn Saga” is set in Regency England and follows the life and times of the Bedwyn siblings.

What is the Order of the Bedwyn family books?

Publication Order of Bedwyn Family Books One Night for Love (1999) Slightly Tempted (2003) Slightly Sinful (2004) Slightly Dangerous (2004) Once Upon A Dream (2016)

Who are the Bedwyns and what do they do?

Meet the Bedwyns–six brothers and sisters–men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality. Enter their dazzling world of high society and breathtaking seduction…where each will seek love, fight temptation, and court scandal…and…

Would you write based on the next generation of the Bedwyns/Huxtables?

Wish you’d write based on the next generation of the Bedwyns and Huxtables especially on the character traits of Wolfric Bedwyn and Constantine Huxtable. Slightly Dangerous was awesome! I have just finished the Survivor Series. Each and every book in that series was such a beautiful story of survival and the strength of the human spirit.

How many Bedwyn books are there?

The Bedwyn series of novels opens with two prequels; the 1999 published “One Night for Love” and the 2002 published “A Summer to Remember” that introduced the Bedwyn family.

How many brothers and sisters did the Bedwyns have?

Meet the Bedwyn: six brothers and sisters—men and … Meet the Bedwyns…six brothers and sisters—men and … Meet the Bedwyns…six brothers and sisters—men and … Meet the Bedwyns—six brothers and sisters—men and … When the four lady residents of a brothel in Bruss…

Who is Aidan Bedwyn in slightly married?

“Slightly Married” is the first novel of the Bedwyn Family series of novels by Mary Balogh. The lead protagonist of the series is Aidan Bedwyn the second son of the family that has so far proven to be marriage shy.