What is LigaSure device?

What is LigaSure device?

LigaSure is a bipolar clamping device used in open and laparoscopic surgeries for producing haemostasis in vascular pedicles up to 7 mm in diameter (“Covidien LigaSure technology: consistent, reliable, trusted vessel sealing,” 2012). LigaSure was used for securing haemostasis and tissue dissection.

What is LigaSure Medtronic?

When used with the FT10 FT Series Energy Platform, the LigaSure™ vessel sealing system can be used on arteries, veins, pulmonary vasculature, and lymphatics—up to and including 7 mm in diameter—and tissue bundles. The system is designed to produce minimal sticking, charring, and thermal spread to adjacent tissue.

What is vessel sealing device?

Electrothermal Bipolar Vessel Sealing (EBVS) is an electrosurgery technology for sealing blood vessels of up to 7mm in diameter. In addition to sealing blood vessels, modern instruments are designed to grasp and cut a variety of tissues.

How much does a LigaSure cost?

At a retail price of $925, the LigaSure Advance is expensive relative to its competitors.

Is LigaSure monopolar or bipolar?

LigaSure (bipolar vessel sealing) technology is a radiofrequency-driven bipolar electrosurgical device.

What is the difference between LigaSure and harmonic scalpel?

Unlike the LigaSure, the Harmonic scalpel is also able to cut through tissue as it coagulates. Both the LigaSure device and Harmonic scalpel have been demonstrated to be safe in numerous papers [17-20].

What type of energy does LigaSure use?

I have been using this instrument along with the Harmonic Scalpel (Ethicon Endosurgery, Somerville, NJ) for many years now. LigaSure™ uses a combination of pressure and continuous bipolar energy to create vessel fusion.

What is the difference between harmonic and LigaSure?

Is LigaSure an electrocautery?

LigaSure™ (Covidien, CO, USA) is an electrothermal bipolar vessel-sealing system that provides hemostasis by creating a seal using pressure and electrothermal energy to change the structure of the vessel walls and surrounding tissues.

Can LigaSure cut?

The LigaSure Impact™ sealer/divider can grasp, seal, and cut tissue independently — or you can perform all three in one step.

Is Harmonic bipolar?

Harmonic scalpel uses ultrasound technology to coagulate and to cut tissues. Small Jaw device uses bipolar electrical energy and pressure to form a seal and a micro blade to divide the sealed tissues.

When was LigaSure invented?

Since its introduction to the market in 1998, LigaSure™ technology has set the industry standard for vessel sealing.

How to use LigaSure?

Precise Valleylab™ monopolar dissection 2†

  • One-step LigaSure™ vessel sealing
  • Atraumatic grasping 1
  • Cold cutting
  • Maryland-style blunt dissection
  • Can LigaSure seal and divide the small bowel?

    There was no failure or complication in the sealing process. Division of the bowel with LigaSure is easy and safe for making a clean intestinal edge during the operation. Complications included urethral injury in 1 case during the operation and wound infection in the perineal region in 1 case; neither complication was related with thermal energy.

    What is a LigaSure device?

    Provides a combination of pressure and energy to create vessel fusion

  • Permanently fuses vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter and tissue bundles without dissection or isolation
  • Average seal cycle is 2 to 4 seconds,when used with the ForceTriad™ energy platform
  • Seals withstand three times normal systolic blood pressure