What is Kou?

What is Kou?

Definition of kou Hawaii. : a tree (Cordia subcordata) of the Pacific islands whose wood is used for making household utensils.

What is Nemui?

Japanese Adjective nemui – 眠い- sleepy.

Who does Minamoto Senpai like?

He has been known to be the crush and role model for his classmates, including Yashiro Nene, who initially wished for him to notice her through Hanako.

What is the meaning of cou?


Acronym Definition
COU Conditions of Use
COU Calendar of Updates
COU Change Of Use
COU Council of Ontario Universities

What is Tsuka Reta?

Definition of tsukareta つかれた tsukareta 【 疲れた 】 疲 Kanji. (adj-f) worn-out (as opposed to sleepy)

What is Neru in Japanese?

neru (to sleep)

Is Teru a sadist?

Minamoto Teru is a second-year high schooler attending Kamome Gakuen. He is the current Student Council president alongside vice president, Aoi Akane. In rare occasions, he has a sadistic attitude when it comes to offering challenges and enforcing punishments on Akane.

Does Aoi like TBHK?

Although Aoi doesn’t hold any serious feelings for Akane, she does have a deep appreciation and admiration for his hard-worked efforts at studying and devotion. However, she portrays it in a quirky way, even playfully refusing Akane’s attempts of confession or asking her hand in marriage.

What is the word for taking over a country?

coup Add to list Share. A coup is a pretty major achievement, whether it involves taking over a government by force, or landing a major business contract. When the word coup is used on the nightly news, it’s usually describing a military government takeover.

What does Teru mean in Japanese?

Definition of teru. てる(teru) 【 照る 】. 照 Kanji Details. (v5r, vi) to shine 降っても照っても明日は出発します。. Rain or shine, I will start tomorrow. to look slightly upward (of a noh mask; indicating joy, etc.) →Related words: 曇る.

What does Teru do for a living?

Besides singing, Teru is also an artist. He does some design to Glay’s products and some non-Glay related campaigns. He’s also worked as a narrator for the animated movie “Highway Jenny”, in 2006. As a child, he used to play soccer and baseball and believed he could become an athlete.

What are some baby names that sound like Teru?

Baby names that sound like Teru include Trew, Tru, True, Tadar, Tahear, Taheare, Taheer, Tarhe, Tarhee, Teador, Théodore (French), Thor (English and Scandinavian), Thore (German and Scandinavian), Thure (German), Tier, Tor (English and Scandinavian), Tore (German and Scandinavian), Torre, Tódor (Hungarian), and Trae (English).