What is claw foot?

What is claw foot?

Claw foot. Claw foot is a deformity of the foot. The toe joint nearest the ankle is bent upward and the other toe joints are bent downward.

Should I talk to my doctor about my claw foot symptoms?

If you suspect you have claw foot, make an appointment with your doctor. To prevent claw foot from getting worse, it’s important to get an early diagnosis and treatment. When you have claw foot, the toe joints closest to your ankle point up, while your other toe joints bend down. This makes your toes look like claws.

Where can I buy the best clawfoot tub?

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What are the treatment options for claw foot?

If your claw foot is linked an underlying disorder, your doctor may prescribe medications, surgery, or treatments to help address it. If your toes are still flexible, performing regular exercises may help alleviate your symptoms or prevent them from getting worse.