What is an ulcerated melanoma?

What is an ulcerated melanoma?

Tumor ulceration: Ulceration is a breakdown of the skin on top of the melanoma. Melanomas with ulceration are more serious because they have a greater risk of spreading, so they are staged higher than tumors without ulceration.

What does pT2a mean?

The definition of pT2a stage finding depends on the particular type of cancer that it refers to; for example, for prostate cancer, pT2a stage finding is defined as follows: cancer limited to one-half or less of one lobe of the prostate gland; for lung cancer, pT2a stage finding is defined as follows: cancer with a …

What does a Stage 1 melanoma look like?

Stage I melanoma is no more than 1.0 millimeter thick (about the size of a sharpened pencil point), with or without an ulceration (broken skin). There is no evidence that Stage I melanoma has spread to the lymph tissues, lymph nodes, or body organs.

What is the difference between T4a and 2CM cancer?

The cancer is 2cm or smaller, and it is deeper than 5mm but no deeper than 10mm. Or the cancer is larger than 2cm, but no larger than 4cm, and it is 10mm deep or less. T4a means the cancer has grown further than the mouth and into surrounding structures such as bone, skin or the facial air cavities (sinuses).

What does T4b cancer mean?

The cancer is any size and is growing into nearby structures such as the base of the skull or other bones nearby, or it surrounds the carotid artery. This is known as very advanced local disease (T4b). It might or might not have spread to nearby lymph nodes (Any N).

What is T1 and T2 mouth cancer?

T describes the size and depth of the tumour (area of cancer). There are 4 main T stages of mouth cancer. These are T1 to T4. T1 means the cancer is contained within the tissue of the mouth (oral cavity) and it is: T2 can mean different things.

What is T1 T2 T3 colon cancer?

The cancer has grown through the muscularis mucosa into the submucosa (T1), and it may also have grown into the muscularis propria (T2). It has not spread to nearby lymph nodes (N0) or to distant sites (M0). The cancer has grown into the outermost layers of the colon or rectum but has not gone through them (T3).