What is a standard roof warranty?

What is a standard roof warranty?

Standard Manufacturers’ Warranties Most roofing shingles come with a basic limited lifetime warranty, which is the industry standard. In most cases, a lifetime warranty means you’re covered as long as you own your home.

How long is a new roof guaranteed for?

“Typical [warranty] lengths are 10 to 20 years. Warranties that exceed these lengths may have very specific requirements and costs associated with them to realize their advertised length,” Hardy Pierce explains.

Are roofing warranties worth it?

Once a roof is installed, depending on its price, the contractor will set a warranty period and amount associated with the quality of the labor. Overall, roof warranties are definitely worth the extra cost, especially if you buy an expensive roof.

What should the warranty be on a new roof?

The majority of roof warranties come from the manufacturer of your shingles. With the common asphalt shingle, you can expect a 25-30 year warranty (though there are some options for 50 year and “lifetime” coverage). Typically, a basic manufacturer’s warranty will cover roofing materials.

Do roof warranties cover leaks?

Most roof warranties cover typical roof damage like leaks as long as it falls within the stated conditions. If the damage was caused by an extraneous force, such as damaged rafters, negligence, or improper installation, it might not be covered.

What does a 30 year roof mean?

When manufacturers talk about 30-year shingles, they are talking about shingles that are designed to last between 17 and 23 years, depending on whether or not you have your roof regularly inspected and repaired and depending on the weather conditions in your area.

What is the warranty on a 30 year shingle?

What is a limited lifetime warranty on shingles and what does it cover? Laminated or architectural shingles used to be rated as 30 year, 40 year 50 year or Lifetime. As of January 1, 2011 most of these shingles carry a limited lifetime warranty even though the shingles themselves have not changed.

Does walking on a roof void warranty?

“walking on asphalt shingles can actually void your warranty?” Shingles that were too hot or cold when stored or installed can also have a voided warranty. “Misuse, abuse, neglect, or improper transportation, handling or storage of the shingles” may be cause for loss of warranty.

Does painting roof shingles void warranty?

Any type of surface coating you could apply would have a uniform color to it, so it would actually appear rather odd compared to what a normal composition roof looks like. Also, since these are surface coatings — similar to paint — they will wear off relatively quickly and may also void the manufacturer’s warranty.

What does a 30 year roof warranty cover?

This type of warranty generally runs for 10 to 30 years and covers the full cost of any leaks as well as the labor to complete the repairs. Installation errors under this type of warranty may not be covered.

What is standard roof warranty?

– The standard manufacturer’s warranty that covers the products you purchase – A workmanship warranty from your contractor that covers the installation – An extended manufacturer’s warranty that covers contractor workmanship along with expanded coverage for the products

What is the warranty on GAF shingles?

Shingles, your GAF Accessory Products carry a Lifetime warranty (as defined below) against manufacturing defects and a Smart Choice ® Protection Period of 10 years. When you install fewer than three of the above-listed GAF Accessories on your roof

What is a construction warranty?

Implied Warranties: Good Workmanship and Habitability. Every home owner receives certain protections under the law,also known as implied warranties.

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