What happens in the last episode of Oh My Venus?

What happens in the last episode of Oh My Venus?

January 5, 2016
Oh My Venus/Final episode date

Is there a second season of Oh My Venus?

Concerning the second season of Oh My Venus, there is still no news and updates being heard. Usually, k-drama doesn’t have a second season to continue the story with and in the case of Oh My Venus, there is a chance we won’t be ever getting season 2 as the storyline got nicely wrapped up with a happy ending.

What is the story of Oh My Venus?

Young-ho is a personal trainer of Hollywood stars in America where he uses the alias John Kim. After a Hollywood scandal with a famous actress puts the spotlight on him, Young-ho returns to Korea to wait for the scandal to die down. On the plane back to Korea, Young-ho saves Kang Joo-eun after she suddenly collapses.

Is Oh my Venus worth watching?

Wonderful! If you like a good love drama this one is a nice choice. The acting from shin min a and so ji sub is awesome and the storyline is nice too.

Is it a happy ending for oh my Venus?

Flashback to the wheelchair Young Ho as a child and the youth Joo Eun putting a bandage on his cast and encouraging him to fight and get stronger. Ah…they met at a young age and connected then too. We end the series with flashbacks of their best moments ending with them hugging.

Does Oh my Venus have a happy ending?

What episode in Oh my Venus does she get skinny?

First Impressions
“First Impressions” (399,864 hits) In Episode 1, Shin Min Ah’s overweight character makes a dramatic appearance by being deliberately contrasted with a much slimmer character.

Which Korean drama has the most passionate romance?

We’ve added five more steamy kiss scenes that’ll be sure to make fans swoon.

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What should I watch after oh my Venus?

Well, my suggestions for you for dramas like Oh My Venus would be as follows: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

How many episodes of Oh My Venus are there?

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What happens at the end of Oh my Venus?

It’s a finale filled with neat little bows for Oh My Venus, with hearts and flowers flying everywhere. We don’t get all the answers we’d like, but when is life ever perfectly tidy like that?

What is the message of Oh my Venus?

In many ways, the simplicity of the plot of Oh My Venus is one of its biggest draws and greatest charms. Though there were bigger messages there, such as the benefits of healthy living, domestic abuse, and violence against women, it never got bogged down or became preachy.

What is the rating of Oh my Venus Kpop?

Oh My Venus. 9.7 ( 70,326) 오 마이 비너스, Oh My God. 2015 PG-13 KBS. Genres Romantic Comedy, Korean Drama, Drama. Cast So Ji Sub, Shin Min Ah, Jung Gyu Woon, Yoo In Young.